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JPR Electronics is promoting a wide range of PCB-mounted potentiometers by manufacturer Iskra, and can supply from stock. The full range of Iskra potentiometers is available from JPR. Key products stocked are the enclosed single-turn trimming potentiometers which are adjustable from both sides to simplify board layout, finger-adjustable models with a plastic spindle supplied separately, and a range of compact linear or logarithmic carbon track rotary controls for panel mounting which are fitted with a threaded bush and supplied with panel-fixing hardware.

Iskra trimming and finger-adjustable pots have a fully enclosed construction which eliminates ingress of dust and moisture, a rectangular housing suitable for automatic insertion and waterproof versions to IP67 are available The rotary control models have an insulated all plastic body housing which is semi-sealed against dust and moisture.

All Iskra pots are RoHS compliant, available over the resistance range 100R to 5M and have pinouts compatible with other major suppliers.

Paul Raynor, Director of JPR Electronics, says: “Iskra manufacture a wide range of pots for manual adjustment of signals and for adjusting factory pre-set values. They may be designed into white goods and domestic appliances, medical equipment, industrial and communication systems. They are a long-established global brand offering very reliable, industry-standard footprint, competitively priced products.”

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