New EO series compressors generate oil-free air in a whisper

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New EO series compressors generate oil-free air in a whisperBOGE has completed its EO range of oil-free scroll compressors by adding two new models – the EO11D and EO16. All EO series compressors are characterised by low sound pressure levels (‘whisper-quiet’), low-vibration running characteristics, and compact design. They offer oil-free compression according to Class 0 (ISO 8573-1).

Mark Whitmore, General Manager at BOGE says: “Because of how quiet they are, EO compressors are perfect in applications such as laboratories or hospitals. The compressors are also routinely used in dental surgeries, and the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.”

The new EO11D model has a motor rating of 11kW (15HP) and – like all models in the EO series – is available in 8 and 10bar versions. The 10bar version has a measured sound level of just 65dB. The ‘D’ designation means that it has an integrated refrigerant dryer.

The EO16 is a triple unit that offers high redundancy – and therefore maximum flexibility and safety. Its footprint (915 × 1520 × 1460mm) is identical to that of the duplex EO11 model, which has a rating of 16.5kW and a maximum noise level of 65dB.

All models in the EO series – which has motor ratings ranging from 5.5 up to 22kW – are equipped with BOGE’s Focus control 2.0 as standard.

Low wear and increased lifetime of the scroll air-end ensures that 8 bar models run for 20,000 hours (or 8 years), while 10 bar versions last for 15,000 (6 years).

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