BOGE launches peak-performing DS2 refrigerant dryer

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BOGE launches peak-performing DS2 refrigerant dryerBOGE has unveiled the DS2, described as the most efficient refrigerant dryer on the market. This innovative unit features power consumption up to 20 per cent lower than other models in the DS-series and a remarkable 10 to 30 per cent reduction compared with competitor offerings. On top of this, its flow rate is up to 17 per cent higher.

The DS2 also boasts the smallest carbon footprint of any refrigerant dryer currently on the market, and BOGE has slashed the R134a refrigerant charge required by 25 per cent. This greatly reduces the risk of damage due to liquid refrigerant returns and means there is no need to pre-heat the dryer.

Boge’s DS2 refrigerated dryer works by passing cooled air through a heat exchanger made of an air-to-air section and an air-to-refrigerant section. The refrigerant circuit is self-regulating, depending on the air load and an expansion valve regulates all models up to 10m³/min.

In its standard configuration, the refrigerant compressor is always in operation when the dryer is switched on and, in the optional ‘energy save’ configuration, the compressor cycles at partial compressed air load.

The DS2 features a dual-frequency hermetic piston, giving it exceptional performance, and its digital controller includes free alarm contact and service reminder. A newly designed aluminium heat exchanger improves performance still further.

For easier maintenance, the DS2 has a drain niche with access from both sides and removable panels. A digital display comes as standard as does dual frequency (50/60Hz), making the DS2 suitable for worldwide use.

Options include an energy saving version (on models from 2.6 to 10m³/min). Energy saving models are equipped with a different controller and a modified fridge circuit. Cold energy stored in the aluminium mass of the heat exchanger can be used to cool partial flows when the dryer works with variable load at lower than the nominal capacity. It also allows the fridge compressor to be stopped for some time intervals, saving energy.

As well as the energy saving model, other options include an electronic capacitive drain, bypass and pre-filter making the DS2 versatile for a wide range of applications. The pressure range of the 12-model DS2 is 3–16bar and the flow range is 0.4–10m³/min.

In addition, the DS2 range is being offered with a free warranty gift of 36 months. Further information on the DS2 is available on the BOGE website at

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