Custom linear axes 3D printed by igus within 48 hours

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Custom linear axes 3D printed by igus within 48 hoursWith the introduction of the drylin SLTI3 linear axis, igus is taking a completely new approach to drive technology. By enabling machine builders to 3D have the carriage and end blocks 3D printed from high-performance iglidur I3 tribo-SLS material, igus offers a high degree of variability in linear axis design. Produced within 48 hours of order placement, these self-lubricating and maintenance-free lead screw units can be built cost-effectively and to customer requirements.

Robert Dumayne, dry-tech director at igus, says: "The purpose of developing the SLTI3 lead screw unit was to enable quick and very easy assembly, with the maximum possible variability. We also reduced the component count, compared to our standard SLT module, enabling it to be assembled in seconds."

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free linear axes from igus are already the core components of many automation tasks in beverage and food processing. Among them is the drylin SLT series, which features a side-mounted lead screw configuration and is available as a manual or motor-powered system. The drylin SLTI3 lead screw unit augments this series with a very versatile system.

Machine builders not only receive the custom-made lead screw unit in a very short time, but ideas for new profile designs, stroke lengths or fastening options can also be implemented easily. The iglidur I3 material used in the drylin SLTI3 lead screw unit, which was developed by igus for selective laser sintering (SLS), enables even very complex shapes to be 3D printed. Extensive tests conducted at the igus test laboratory in Cologne, Germany, comparing iglidur I3 with conventional SLS materials, confirm that this material is at least three times more abrasion-resistant.

Follow the link for more information and to watch a short video about the SLTI3 linear axis.

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