Lincoln PowerLuber cordless grease guns with Li-ion batteries

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Lincoln PowerLuber cordless grease guns with Li-ion batteriesThe latest generation of Lincoln PowerLuber cordless grease guns from SKF uses lithium-ion battery technology to deliver unprecedented performance. Lithium-ion batteries offer extended operation on a single charge and a longer battery lifetime, even under heavy use.

The lithium-ion PowerLuber range is described as the most comprehensive in the industry, with 12, 18 and 20V models available to suit every lubrication application, from light workshop and hobby use through to the most demanding production environments.

Lincoln invented the cordless grease gun, and its latest models include a host of features designed to maximise performance and productivity. The most powerful 20V PowerLuber, for example, includes an electronically controlled two-speed motor that delivers precisely 85g or 170g of lubricant at the touch of a button. The unit operates at 10,000 psi in both high and low-speed modes, ensuring effective lubricant penetration even in the most difficult applications.

High performance is matched with excellent usability. A clear LCD display shows battery level, flow rate, output and the quantity of grease remaining. Patented flow monitoring technology prevents false readings caused by air bubbles. A stable three-point base keeps the tool upright in use, while its lightweight, balanced design permits extended periods of comfortable hand-held operation. An integrated LED light illuminates even inaccessible work areas.

At the other end of the scale, the 12V lithium-ion PowerLuber incorporates many of the features of its larger cousins in a compact, lightweight design that still delivers grease at up to 8000 psi. Its narrow shape is particularly useful in hard-to-reach areas. For field-service applications, an optional high-speed mobile charger allows the batteries to be replenished from a 12 or 24V vehicle supply in only an hour.

Lithium-ion PowerLuber models are available with single or dual batteries and additional batteries or chargers can be supplied if required. The full PowerLuber range also includes versions designed for pneumatic and AC mains operation as well as cordless models using NiCad battery technology, allowing customers to pick the most appropriate technology for their maintenance processes and working environment.

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