New Machinery Directive - implications for non-EEA companies

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When the new Machinery Directive comes into force at the end of 2009, companies outside the European Economic Area will no longer be able to self-certify compliance with the Directive's requirements.

New Machinery Directive - implications for non-EEA companiesOn 30 December 2009 the European Machinery Directive 98/37/EC is superseded by 2006/42/EC. This has widespread implications but, in particular, companies outside the European Economic Area (EEA) are affected.

The new Directive stipulates the following requirement for the Declaration of Conformity:

"Name and address of the person authorised to compile the Technical File, who must be established in the Community"

By definition, therefore, companies outside the EEA that do not have an established company or individual within the community taking the legal responsibility for the machine cannot supply machines into the EEA after the implementation of the new Directive.

To help USA-based companies that export machinery to the EEA, Laidler Associates is opening a new office in the United States of America on Monday 3 August 2009. Alan Scott, the recently appointed CEO of Laidler Associates (Orlando, Florida, USA), states:

"There is a necessity for Laidler Associates to open a US office at the earliest opportunity in order to facilitate our existing American clientele with respect to the changes implemented by the new Machinery Directive. Historically, American machine builders have self-certified their own Machines that are bound for the European Market; however, the new Machinery Directive will negate this action as it stipulates that legal responsibility for the machine must be by an authorised representative, whom is legal and resident within Europe.

"Due to the fact that Laidler Associates is both a Notified Body and resides in the UK, these new constraints can be easily met by Laidler Associates acting as "the person authorised to compile the Technical File, who must be established in the Community." Also, by utilising the Laidler Certification process, our existing (and future) clients will now be able to access the same expert and professional Laidler Associates service, but from within the USA. All staff will be recruited in America, with the relevant engineers being professionally trained in the UK by Laidler Associates and Teesside University, thus ensuring a working knowledge and experience of European requirements."

"Personally I am excited about the challenge that lies ahead and I look forward to initiating a programme of Seminars and Workshops that will explain the Directive changes in more detail, thereby ensuring that we raise the level of awareness for US machine builders with respect to these new legal requirements for importing machinery to the European market."

For further information about the services offered in America, email or call +44 (0)8700 111375.

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