Lean Production and the role of Manual Production Systems

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This article from Rexroth explains how Manual Production Systems can greatly assist in implementing a Lean Production philosophy by virtue of the three pillars of workstations, material supply and linking.

Lean Production and the role of Manual Production SystemsOne of the main concerns of modern production is the avoidance of waste. Rexroth MPS Manual Production Systems are developed strictly in line with the principles of lean production (lean manufacturing), enabling lean production installations to be planned and implemented simply and quickly.

Modern lean production is more than just a question of focusing on individual modules. Rexroth believes that lean production requires an integrated system with a uniform implementation concept - at Rexroth, this concept is reflected by the MPS philosophy.


Based on the three pillars of the Manual Production Systems covering workstations, material supply and linking, engineers can create, for example, workstations or entire production lines that can be quickly adapted to the work content, and executed in an extremely efficient manner so as to avoid waste in line with Lean principles.


Rexroth can provide guidance throughout the entire lean production process, making use of its MTpro planning software


The MPS philosophy is backed up by Rexroth's internal processes. Short delivery times and process flexibility enable lean production systems to be implemented without waste.

ESD protection

Electrostatic charges develop as a result of electric charging that is generated by friction on various materials or by induction in electric fields. Subsequent discharges at the workstation can damage or destroy sensitive components. Rexroth's ESD product portflio enables sensitive components to be protected from damage caused by electrostatic discharge.


An ergonomic workstation design plays a vital role in reducing waste during production. From an ergonomic aspect, the main focus is on the operative, which is why MPS workstations are designed to fit each worker, and not the other way around.

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