Precise flow control for efficient, accurate pneumatic conveying

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Pneumatic conveying provides an effective, enclosed transport system for manufacturing, handling and processing applications where small particles, grains, pellets or powders are required. These flexible transport systems offer a number of handling advantages over more conventional mechanical systems, as well as being able to deliver precision flow control.

Precise flow control for efficient, accurate pneumatic conveyingModern environmental control standards can be difficult to maintain when working with powders and small particles as part of a manufacturing process. One of the most effective options is to use pneumatic conveying, which also offers a number of benefits when compared with more traditional methods:

  • Reduced maintenance due to the lack of moving parts
  • Improved operational environment with no dust thanks to the fully enclosed design
  • System flexibility that allows for multiple drop points and considerable transfer distances
  • The possibility to carry out physical mixing or chemical reactions during the conveying process
  • The ability to convey air-sensitive materials using an inert gas, such as nitrogen, to prevent oxidation

Pneumatic conveying is used by a wide range of industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and power generation. The main challenges for those operating a pneumatic conveying system are maintaining the consistency of the product and a precise, controllable flow of the product.

Increased efficiency

However, modern manufacturing enterprises must also operate as efficiently as possible and this means reducing costs and improving productivity. Effective and precise process control can have a major influence on manufacturing efficiency, but in the past this could provide a significant challenge to those with pneumatic conveying systems.

One recent innovation from Burkert uses a closed-loop controller, pressure sensors and a control valve, all combined into a single unit. The Type 8750 flow rate controller provides automated air flow control that can reduce operating costs and improve productivity through better flow control and management of the compressors.

The flow rate control system is supplied as a complete assembly that negates the requirement for a separate flow meter. Using the pressure difference across the valve and the given density and temperature of the medium, a nominal flow can be calculated, providing the flow characteristics of the valve to the process controller.

One example of this system delivering benefits to a production process involved a company that manufactures tyres and uses carbon black, a fine powder, as part of the process. The powder is conveyed from a storage tank to a mixer using a dense phase pneumatic system.

The tyre manufacturer selected the Type 8750 flow control (pictured below) because it is able to maintain a consistent dense phase transport method, while using compressor energy efficiently. Furthermore, when the pipes needed to be emptied, a very high flow rate was required and the Type 8750 was also able to achieve this.

Easy integration and retrofitting

Due to the compact nature of the Burkert flow rate controller it is simple to install in-line and can be easily integrated into an existing process control infrastructure. From both a mechanical and an electrical perspective this innovative product is designed for simplicity, accuracy and reliability.

A video has been produced featuring Thomas Sattler, Team Coach Application Management Gas. In the video, Thomas Sattler, who is a product expert, describes how the Type 8750 offers end-users a cost-effective option that minimises damage to the process materials and increases productivity by providing better flow control and management of the pneumatic compressors. The video also highlights how the Type 8750 flow rate controller improves the energy efficiency of the manufacturing process and helps system integrators to provide an effective system that is straightforward to install and reliably delivers reduced operating and maintenance costs.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube, and learn more about the Type 8750 flow rate controller on the Burkert website.

22 May 2018

Burkert Fluid Control Systemsvisit website
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