Rittal cooling units and chillers and the F-Gas Regulation

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The introduction of EU regulation number 517/2014 (F-Gas Regulation) concerning the use of fluorinated greenhouse gases, which was published on 1 January 2015, has raised the question as to which cooling units and chillers can continue to be used after 2020. The regulation includes details of banned uses for cooling and air-conditioning plant, as well as stipulations regarding their service and maintenance.

Rittal cooling units and chillers and the F-Gas RegulationRittal's enclosure cooling units and chillers are not affected by the use bans. They have a hermetically sealed refrigerant circuit and the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of the refrigerants used in them (R134a, R410a and R407c) is less than 2500. Leak inspections are not a legal requirement for equipment classified as hermetically sealed with a refrigerant quantity of less than 10 tons CO2 equivalent, which is the case for all Rittal enclosure cooling units.

It is important to consider the GWP over the entire life cycle of the cooling system and so high energy efficiency is as crucial as the type and quantity of refrigerant used. The reduction of direct emissions from an alternative refrigerant must not be offset by an increase in indirect emissions from higher energy consumption. Rittal's Blue e+ cooling units are not affected by the use bans and also not subject to a legally demanded leak inspection, plus they deliver energy savings of up to 75 per cent.

The regular service and maintenance of any cooling system is fundamental to prolonging its service life and ensuring its efficient operation. This is essential, as only reliable enclosure climate control ensures electronic components are protected from overheating, thereby helping processes to run smoothly and safely.

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