Spyraflo bearings used on machines with 10-year warranty

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Spyraflo Teflon-bronze bearings have been specified on a high-speed, high-capacity document image scanner for reasons of cost, quality and performance.

A USA-based developer and manufacturer of high-speed, high-capacity document image scanners has again specified Spyraflo self-clinching, self-aligning bearings for their quality, performance and cost savings.

The company's primary product is a scanning platform that converts paper documents into colour and bi-tonal digital images. The advanced scanning technology depends on the bearings being one of the more critical components for helping to transport documents down a track at a relatively high speed.

Dependable and 'low to no' maintenance bearings are critical components for these operations, since they control the level of smooth, noiseless motion that is designed into this equipment. A major consideration for the company's customers is the incredible 10-year warranty, so, naturally, the company always looks to specify products it feels can hold up to this guarantee. Over and above the superb performance, the 6mm and 8mm diameter self-aligning Spyraflo bearings also dramatically cut manufacturing costs. This is through their ability to self-clinch directly into sheet metal, removing the need for expensive precision-machined blocks.

Improved performance

This long-established customer has used Spyraflo self-clinching, self-aligning bronze products exclusively for several years and recently started using the Teflon-bronze bearings, which offer a much higher load carrying capability, as well as improved performance in oscillatory motion.

Contact Micromech, the UK and Eire distributor of these clever bearings, if you would like more information about them or perhaps require a sample.

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