Delrin bearings deliver performance and cost benefits

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Marsh Shipping Supplies recently launched the TD 2100 Electric Taper, which makes use of Spyraflo self-clinch, self-aligning bearings as supplied by Micromech.

When Marsh Shipping Supplies Co LLC launched its TD 2100 Electric Taper, the company described it as the most effective and efficient tape dispenser it had ever produced; it is used to accurately and effortlessly dispense predetermined lengths of gummed paper tape. Key to the innovative design are the urethane wide-track feed and pinch rollers that have a high coefficient of friction.

Alignment of these rolls and other shafts in the mechanism was critical, as they had to ensure smooth, quiet and efficient operation. Marsh wanted an elegant but rugged all-metal construction and it became very apparent to the designers that bearings that could be easily mounted in sheet steel and offer self-alignment would be best. After trialling other methods, the engineers decided to use self-clinching, self-aligning, Delrin bearings. To meet the specification, Spyraflo FSD-625 and FSD-375-AF bearings are used throughout the machine. An additional benefit of this selection is the cost saving through low component counts (no bearing blocks or fixings are required) and easy assembly.

Micromech is the UK and Eire distributor for Spyraflo bearings.

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