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HepcoMotion offers a systems service for customers that do not have in-house design and assembly resources, and it works closely with SmartDrive on projects that also require integrated motion control.

HepcoMotion teams with SmartDrive for motion controlHaving specialised in linear motion technology for nearly 40 years HepcoMotion has accumulated a wealth of application know-how. This knowledge bank is invaluable, as it allows the company to refer to proven designs when recommending a linear product for a given application. It is also a vital resource in the design of multi-axis systems and sub-assemblies, demand for which is growing year-on-year.

HepcoMotion's systems customers fall into two distinct groups. The first largely comprises OEMs that have the resources to design application-specific systems and assemble them in-house. Their need is predominantly for linear motion components. A second group, mainly end-users, also need such systems but generally have neither the dedicated knowledge nor the resources to undertake special projects. And it is to meet this need that HepcoMotion has developed its systems service.

System requirements also generally fall into two distinct groups. The first is undertaken completely by HepcoMotion and these systems involve the integration of its standard products into a complete mechanical sub-assembly. Typically the HepcoMotion MCS aluminium framework system forms a chassis onto which is mounted any combination of its linear motion products. With the benefit of its large manufacturing facility, the company is able to manufacture on site any special brackets or mounting elements that may be required.

Added-value service

Chris Rees, HepcoMotion's sales director, comments: “Our resources, both in terms of our design and manufacturing capability and our applications knowledge, allow us to provide this added-value service to our customers. Design cost is minimised for the customer, as it is very likely that we will have worked on a similar configuration before. It can then be tailored to the new application with just minor changes.”

All systems are thoroughly tested in the factory before being stripped down into easy-assembly modules for dispatch with a 3D drawing to the customer; all parts carry a one-year warranty.

The breadth of choice within each of the HepcoMotion product lines offers considerable scope in selecting the optimum component or system for the job. This includes a wide selection of corrosion-resistant products that enable bespoke systems to be created for the food, scientific and electronic manufacturing sectors.

Motion control

Several of the HepcoMotion standard driven products are available with a choice of motor but, while the company is happy to integrate a simple AC motor into a bespoke system, it is quick to emphasise that it is not a motion control specialist. For systems requiring this additional expertise, HepcoMotion has forged a working partnership with SmartDrive.

SmartDrive is an independent UK company dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of products for motion control applications. This covers stepper motor drives, servo drives, controllers and integrated systems, together with a range of motors and other ancillary equipment. Together HepcoMotion and SmartDrive are able to provide a complete turnkey package to suit any linear motion need.

Application examples

The application photographs demonstrate the ability of HepcoMotion to construct systems using standard components. The first picture [top of page] shows an MCS frame with a DLS driven unit in parallel with a slave system used in the handling of steel trolleys.

This second photograph is a good example of how combined rotary and linear motion can be achieved. A standard HD ring is fitted to the carriage of an HDLS belt-driven unit for the handling heavy components that need to be rotated.

The final image focuses on the construction of a two-axis heavy-duty rack-driven system with fitted helical bevel gearboxes.

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