Earthrace biodiesel powerboat relies on Racor fuel filters

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Parker Racor fuel filters have been selected for the Earthrace powerboat that is aiming to circumnavigate the globe in a record time while running on biodiesel.

Earthrace biodiesel powerboat relies on Racor fuel filtersThe latest generation of fuel filtration technology from the Racor Division of Parker Hannifin is being used on the Earthrace powerboat. This extraordinary vessel will attempt to set a new world record, circumnavigating the globe on 100 per cent renewable biodiesel fuel and with a net zero carbon footprint. With engine reliability crucial to the success of this pioneering project, Parker Racor was chosen for its knowledge and experience in fuel filtration, as well as its global support network, which will be on hand at every step of the vessel's journey. Earthrace begins its world record attempt from Sagunto, Spain, on 29 March 2008 and is aiming to circumnavigate the globe in less than 65 days.

Earthrace features a 10 micron Racor 751000MAX10 fuel filter and a secondary 2 micron fuel filter on each of its two engines. The robust, die-cast aluminium fuel filters are part of Racor's turbine series, eliminating both particulate and water contamination from the biodiesel, as well as algae and rust, which are filtered from the fuel by the filters' waterproof Aquabloc II elements. With a maximum flow rate of 1363lph, the Racor filters will ensure the cleanliness of the fuel entering the engine between the craft's twelve refuelling stops at various ports around the globe.

With efficient logistics vital to the success of the project, Parker's global support and supply network were key factors in the company being chosen as the filtration partner for Earthrace. On arrival at each of its ports, the vessel will need to be refuelled, refilled with water and provisions, and have its engines serviced; all in less than two hours. With such tight timeframes, Parker's worldwide presence will be extremely beneficial to the project.

Skipper and founder of the Earthrace, Pete Bethune, says: "Earthrace is not just about one boat and one team. The project would not work without the support of companies like Parker Hannifin. For us to succeed, every component has to work efficiently and do the job for us. It is great to know that we can rely on Racor fuel filters making sure that we can keep on powering across the oceans and seas towards the world record."


Earthrace succeeded in its attempt to claim a new World Record, completing the circumnavigation in 60 days, 23 hours and 49 minutes - which is almost 14 days faster than the previous record. Ed.

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