Custom hydrogen generator developed for spectrometer

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Parker Domnick Hunter has developed a custom hydrogen generator for use with mass spectrometers manufactured Varian.

Parker Domnick Hunter has developed a custom hydrogen generator for operation with the Varian 820-MS model of Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS). Varian is a manufacturer of scientific instruments and vacuum technologies; ICP-MS plays a lead role in the detection and measurement of ultra-trace elements. The 40H-ICP hydrogen gas generator has been specifically designed for use with the patented Collision-Reaction Interface (CRI) of the Varian 820-MS to provide simple and routine removal of troublesome spectroscopic interferences.

The new generator produces high-purity (99.999 per cent) hydrogen from de-ionised water and electricity to provide a constant, low-pressure, on-demand supply of gas to Varian's patented CRI. It offers a safe and convenient alternative to high-pressure gas cylinders, minimising instrument downtime and optimising productivity.

Safety in the laboratory is said to be improved by removing the risks posed by storing high-pressure hydrogen cylinders on-site. Unlike cylinders, the hydrogen generator does not need to be secured to an immovable structure, will not vent under high temperatures, and does not need periodic gas leak testing. The compact system can easily be located next to the ICP-MS, thereby improving convenience, particularly for laboratories that have previously relied on hydrogen cylinders. The generator also assures safe operation due to an automatic leak detection feature and a patented seven-stage fail-safe protection system.

In addition to hydrogen gas generators, Parker Domnick Hunter also offers LCMS nitrogen gas generators, zero, clean dry and CO2-free air systems.

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