Parker supplies inverters, drives and motors for wind turbines

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Parker grid-tie inverters, motor drives, servo motors and cables to Green Energy Technologies for use in the company's innovative Windcube wind turbines.

Parker Hannifin is providing power conversion systems and generators for a new innovation in wind turbine design from Green Energy Technologies. The WindCube is a rooftop wind turbine for on-site power generation by commercial and industrial users in urban and suburban locations. Due in part to the turbine's innovative control system, it is claimed to be considerably more productive than conventional models, able to produce the same amount of energy in a 22 x 22 x 12ft framework as a traditional turbine with blades measuring 50ft in diameter.

The Parker control system includes a main AC890 grid-tie inverter and a smaller AC890 motor drive for the turbine's yaw control. These devices communicate with each other over Ethernet and can be controlled using an operator-friendly touchscreen. Everything is mounted and wired in a control cabinet for ease of installation at the site. In addition to the electronics, Parker is also providing the PMAC generator and a servo motor for the yaw control, and pre-configured cable sets.

Green Energy Technologies offers the WindCube as single (60kW) or dual (120kW) systems and in rooftop or tower-mounted designs. Further modifications are also possible to satisfy customers' electrical requirements.

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