BIW connectors selected for casino's geothermal well

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ITT ICS has supplied BIW wellhead feedthru connectors for use on a new geothermal well that is being used to heat water at the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino in the USA.

BIW connectors selected for casino's geothermal wellPeppermill Resort Spa Casino in Reno, Nevada, USA, has long shown itself to be committed to the principles of 'green' energy, having first drilled three geothermal wells on its property in the 1980s to help heat the hotel and its swimming pools. In 2009 the owners of the resort decided to investigate replacing the gas-powered boilers with a 'green' alternative to heat hot water; after consulting with Dr Jim Coombs of Geo Hills Associates LLC in Reno, the owners decided to implement the project and sink a fourth geothermal well.

ITT ICS Regional Sales Manager, Tony Shoemaker, had built up excellent customer relationships with a number of geothermal companies in the Nevada region and worked on several dozen similar geothermal well installations in the area. Moreover, ITT Interconnect Solutions' BIW wellhead feedthru connectors are well-regarded by pump equipment suppliers, including Baker Hughes Centrilift, which supplied Peppermill's pump and related equipment.

Tony Shoemaker visited the customer prior to the installation to assist in achieving the optimal layout of the cellar in which the equipment is installed. ITT ICS' BIW team then managed the delivery to ensure that equipment arrived while the installation rig was on site. ITT ICS' BIW Wellhead Feedthru Connector and BIW Surface Power Connector are used to supply electrical power to the submersible pump in the well that delivers hot water from the underground formation to the Resort. The 4400ft (1341m) well, which went live in January 2010, produces an excellent flow rate, pressure and fluid temperature, which exceeded initial expectations and requirements.

16 June 2010

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