Linear guides and jacks specified for pipe-profiling machine

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HepcoMotion has supplied its HDS2 heavy-duty linear guide, GV3 linear guide and Zimm screw jacks for use in specialist pipe profiling machines manufactured by Messer Cutting Systems.

Messer Cutting Systems' PipeCutter is a plasma pipe cutting machine that was initially developed for the street lamp production industry but whose popularity has now spread to other manufacturing sectors. This pipe profiling machine is built to specification to meet different pipe length requirements and can be equipped with a series of options to suit the application. These options include the incorporation of a drilling head, which affects the machine's dynamics; the increased loads involved require the incorporation of a heavier-duty linear motion system and the HepcoMotion HDS2 heavy-duty linear guide has been specified for this task.

The basic purpose of PipeCutter in its principle market is to cut an inspection door and cable entry into the street lighting column. Messer Cutting Systems' Project Manager Gary Buck explains: "Some customers additionally want to drill holes at different positions on the column to later mount fixtures. So we fit twist drill heads to the machine for that purpose."

A standard HepcoMotion GV3 linear guide is eminently suited to the task of carrying and positioning the plasma cutting head on PipeCutter. However, the addition of the twin drill heads pushes GV3 capacity. Buck comments: "We needed a strong linear beam and slides that would easily withstand the extra loads and provide good positioning accuracy." This is vital to ensure there is no beam deflection and also good repeatability when drilling the fixing holes.

The HepcoMotion HDS2 proved to be right for this application. Arduous linear motion is a field in which HepcoMotion excels. The products in its range provide a broad choice of options and include single-piece rings up to 1.8m in diameter. This programme is complemented by the HepcoMotion MHD maximum heavy duty system whose bearing blocks each have a maximum load capacity of five tonnes.

Also included on the PipeCutter machine are Zimm Screw Jacks, another HepcoMotion product, whose purpose is to support the tubes and provide height adjustment. Based around a cubic body and building block principle, these heavy-duty jacks provide maximum lifting capabilities of up to 1000kN. Buck states: "We chose Zimm because they were proven and successful. Indeed, I have to say that all our HepcoMotion products have performed even better than expectation in the field."

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