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Emerson Process Management has entered into an agreement with P&H Mining Equipment Inc., USA, manufacturer of mobile mining equipment, to extend vibration monitoring to P&H mining shovels

Emerson’s onboard monitors will recognise excess vibration in key shovel components and notify operators in real time – enabling users to take corrective action in time to prevent unexpected shutdowns and possible damage to the huge excavating machines.

The global agreement covers continuous vibration monitoring of the hoist, crowd, and swing systems on P&H Centurion controlled shovels. Vibration monitoring will be offered on all new P&H shovels, and all existing Centurion controlled shovels can be retrofitted to include vibration monitors.

Emerson has broadened the CSI 6500 system’s monitoring capabilities from rotating equipment to recognise and capture non-repetitive vibration in mining machines. Vibration data captured online by permanently installed sensors and multiple CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitors will be integrated with the onboard P&H PreVail Remote Health Monitoring System. The online data will also be continuously fed to Emerson’s AMS Suite predictive maintenance software, which works in concert with the PreVail system to spot potential operating issues.

The PreVail system currently monitors key operating parameters such as motor currents, temperatures, and drive information. An onboard historical database enables troubleshooting of suspected problems and predicting future performance. Information from shovels operating anywhere in the world is transmitted through P&H’s MinePro network to its headquarters in Milwaukee for diagnostic and consultative support as needed.

Ron Martin, Vice President/General Manager of Emerson’s Asset Optimization and Lifecycle Care business, says: “Emerson and P&H see an impressive opportunity to make users aware of potential problems, and we’re investing together to make that a reality. Our technology enables early and accurate detection of anomalies for users whose equipment operates round the clock in harsh, often remote environments.”

Bob Hicks, Manager of Product Technology at Joy Global, parent company of P&H Mining, says: “Emerson’s AMS Suite and our PreVail monitoring systems fit together very well. Both are designed to raise early warnings of potential trouble, but they cover different aspects of shovel operation. Emerson’s patented method of processing vibration data preserves peak amplitudes of stress waves emitted by deteriorating equipment. Our analysts find this information very helpful in trending and evaluating fault development.”

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26 September 2012

Emerson Automation Solutionsvisit website
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