Water purification system supports renal dialysis at home

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Parker Hannifin has secured important new business with Purite Water Purification Systems. Parker solenoid valves and Liquiffit fittings have been specified on Purite’s new Centurion 1500 that provides a compact, high-quality water purification system that can allow renal patients to safely undergo haemodialysis in their own homes rather than at specialist medical facilities.

Water purification system supports renal dialysis at homeThe Centurion 1500 employs reverse osmosis technology combined with either heat or chemical sanitisation to provide purified water. It utilises Parker’s Liquipure and 201LG stainless steel solenoid valves that combine robustness and high flow rates as well as achieving the pre-requisite of compliance with UL and American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

Purite also uses Parker’s Liquifit fluid connectors extensively throughout its new water purification system. Fast and easy to assemble and manufactured from bio-based materials, Liquifit products are designed for safe use with potable water. They achieve full flow and are not susceptible to pumping effects. The use of advanced patented sealing technology ensures zero leakage whilst allowing rapid assembly.

Commenting on Parker’s support on the Centurion 1500, Steve Mines, Sales Manager at Purite Water Purification Systems says: “When we were working on the development of the Centurion 1500, cost-effective yet high-quality and robust component parts were a ‘must have’. Parker’s stainless steel solenoid valves and innovative Liquifit products met these requirements in full and also helped us enjoy further benefits by shortening and simplifying assembly time through their innovative design.”

Neil Gibbard, Account Manager, Life Sciences, Parker, says: “Using our most innovative products to support customers in designing similarly innovative end products that can make a positive difference to the quality of life for users is very rewarding. With our breadth of product range and inherent technical know-how we were able to work closely with Purite on this project from the early stages to help achieve the best possible design outcome.”

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