HepcoMotion GV3 Linear Rails create unique living space

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It’s a common problem – how do you maximise the functionality of the restricted space in an already small apartment. PKMN Architectures, based in Madrid came up with a solution by sliding the walls using moveable library style shelving units to open up space when it is needed. The result of this innovative approach is a project called the “All I Own House”. Designed for local designer Yolanda Pila, this has created a home and work space that is attracting a lot of interest from many architects. To make best use of the restricted space, the kitchen, bedroom and storage areas are housed within a series of shelving units made from heavily textured oriented strand board and moved into position using HepcoMotion GV3 linear guides.

HepcoMotion GV3 Linear Rails create unique living spaceSupported on casters and guided at the top by the GV3 linear rails, the wooden storage blocks that make up the shelving can be moved along one side of the apartment. The three partitions are separated or grouped as required to serve a variety of functions.

Given the size of the partitions and the need to position the guidance systems some distance apart, GV3 needs to provide both guidance and sufficient compliance in order to achieve low-friction motion. All the blocks have to be moved simply by hand; if too much force was needed then the key selling point, being able to be moved by human force, would be lost.

In addition to linear rails and V groove bearings, the arrangement uses flat track and rollers to provide the necessary compliance required when trying to run two systems in parallel.

The whole arrangement is compact, with no space wasted. Positioned next to the bathroom in the corner of the apartment when fully closed, the storage units contain a fold-out bed, work surfaces and shelves.

Studio architect David Pérez García says: “Through a carefully made design, the combination of carpentry and the use of a quality simple low friction guidance system; all the space in the house is arranged through three wooden, suspended, mobile and transformable containers.”

Hepco GV3 linear rails are suitable for all types of architectural applications where the requirement is ease of installation and a smooth easy motion. Whilst the type of partition used is accurately produced, they are basically wooden structures and will have greater size tolerances than steel structures. In addition there can be a certain amount of temperature expansion that could cause a linear system to tighten up. For this reason twin V groove bearings were used, which will tolerate slight inaccuracies as opposed to the double row version that are often chosen for greater rigidity. In combination with the flat track and rollers the result can be seen in this video.

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