BOGE helps Eden Project bring dinosaurs to life

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BOGE Compressors is helping dinosaurs at the Eden Project roar this summer thanks to its frequency controlled C30F screw compressor.

BOGE helps Eden Project bring dinosaurs to lifeThe family of animatronic dinosaurs, which are part of a large summer exhibition at the Cornwall-based attraction, require a dependable source of high-quality compressed air to function. Having experienced the high performance and reliability of BOGE’s air compressors in the past, Eden Project turned to local compressed air systems supplier AddAir to again deliver the compressed air system.

With both parents and excited young explorers to please, Eden Project required a system that could reliably deliver compressed air day in, day out, because any downtime or problems with the compressor would directly impact on the customer experience. In addition, Eden Project requested a system that could deliver the compressed air with minimal noise.

With these requirements in mind, AddAir specified and supplied BOGE’s innovative C30F screw compressor. Commenting on this decision, Andrew Geake, Managing Director at AddAir, says: “The BOGE C30F is the ideal solution for this quirky application. As well as reliably supplying high-quality air, because it uses the minimum revs possible to produce the compressed air, noise emissions are kept to an absolute minimum and therefore won’t distract visitors from the attraction.”

The C30F features a frequency converter that ensures a continuous volume flow between 25 and 100 per cent. This allows adaptation to the momentary demand of the compressed air system – boosting energy efficiency and keeping noise at its lowest possible level. This was a key reason for why the C30F was recommended over competitors’ compressed air systems.

Ian Merchant, Head of Estates at the Eden Project, says: “We have been extremely satisfied with the performance of BOGE’s compressed air systems in the past so we were very confident that the C30F could meet our needs on this exciting new project. AddAir has again provided excellent customer service. This is a great help to us as it means we can focus our attention on other areas of the project and leave the compressed air system specification and installation in the hands of AddAir and BOGE specialists.”

Dinosaur Uproar at the Eden Project is open to visitors until 2nd September 2015. To learn more about the full range of products and services offered by BOGE, including the frequency controlled C30F screw compressor, please visit the BOGE website.

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