Hepco’s DLS4 provides secure sliding door for Tate Security

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Specialising in providing large integrated security systems, Tate Security Technology Ltd had a project to retrofit a new sliding door arrangement into existing staff and visitor doors for prison gatehouses. In a number of cases, HepcoMotion’s previous generation GV3 slides were being used as the original sliding mechanism for these sliding doors. While the slides and racks were in good working order, the surrounding installations were in need of updating or replacement. The customer was looking for a new simple to install and low-maintenance system that would fit into the existing envelope. Taking into account the security needs of prison doors, the system needed to be durable, provide a long service life and have a minimal installation downtime, to reduce the disruption in the high-traffic area of a gatehouse.

Hepco’s DLS4 provides secure sliding door for Tate SecurityHepco’s DLS4 linear drive fits the bill. With a high load capacity and low maintenance, the DLS4 features Hepco’s renowned V guide technology, offering quiet, trouble free operation. This system utilises two carriages to give the customer a suitable mounting position for the door assembly, and offers smooth, low-friction operation.

Flexible and user friendly, the DLS4 allows Tate Security to position the motor and electrical control system equipment, as the application requires. This complete off-the-shelf mechanical package saves hours in design and specifying time, and can be integrated into existing control systems or as a new installed package. The system is available in any length to 8m as standard, ensuring varying door sizes can be accommodated. This was important for the customer as the length of the unit changes with each installation.

The whole system is very low maintenance, as V technology only requires small amounts of lubricant to spread over the vee guide surfaces to achieve a long and trouble-free life.

The customer has now installed 15 units into a number of private and public sector prisons, with senior prison management commenting on how smooth, quiet and reliable the system is. Following the success of these projects, Tate Security has a number of orders, to install new systems in the early part of next year.

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