Parker Racor continues its support of Team Aravi truck racing

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The Racor Filter Division Europe of Parker Hannifin Corporation is continuing its long-term support of the Team Aravi truck racing team. The team is utilising the Racor Euro 5 HDEP fuel filter module with primary and secondary filtration along with a separately mounted 24 volt brushless pump with external gears on its trucks as it competes in the 2016 Coupe de France camions.

Parker Racor continues its support of Team Aravi truck racingThe fuel filter module with brushless pump can achieve a maximum flow rate of 500 litres per hour (lph) at 8 bar and the pump communicates with the truck ECU via a CANBus network. The pump speed is variable and is controlled and monitored via the ECU to optimise engine performance in the arduous racing conditions.

Racor is continuing to develop its pump technology in partnership with suppliers and key OEMs to help ensure that future filtration products are optimised for performance and durability. The next generation of electric pump technology is under development with the company’s OEM partners, and will be integrated with the fuel filtration module to simplify installation and reduce the overall size of the system.

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