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BOGE has cut Barnsley-based Forbo Flooring’s energy bills following the installation of its C15F 11kW variable speed compressor. The unit replaces an old 18.5kW machine, one of two at the site. Forbo Flooring was so pleased with the installation that it plans to replace a second 18.5kW compressor, which currently acts as a back-up, with another BOGE C15F unit in due course.

Forbo saves money with BOGE compressorBOGE’s Daniel Powell explained how the contract came about: “Forbo is a valued client of ours and, given the age of the compressors, I suggested we perform a data-logging exercise to determine how much energy was being used by the two existing compressors.

“We completed the exercise and were able to determine that the existing machines were too big and were wasting energy. We showed how money could be saved by replacing them with smaller variable-speed compressors.”

Just by employing a smaller variable speed compressor, Forbo Flooring is saving around £2500 annually in energy costs alone.

BOGE’s data-logging exercise is an energy audit that measures the kilowatts and Amperage of the compressor over the course of a week as well as how much air and pressure is used by the system. It also reveals any leaks in the system. A computer program then annualises the figures and produces a report which advises clients how efficiently the compressor is performing, the cost of energy being used and whether it is the right size for the particular application.

The frequency controlled BOGE C15F compressor, which comes with a five-year warranty, automatically adjusts to the air demand while controlling the pressure. The air end operates at the necessary speed to generate as much compressed air as is required, which means expensive idling as well as load/no load cycles are eliminated.

At the same time, a tighter pressure band can be maintained, also helping to save energy. In the event of a change of the pressure value, the output automatically adjusts. Powell adds: “This is a smaller compressor than the one the client had been operating so it has lower running costs, a smaller footprint and it is also quieter.”

Liam Cook of Forbo Flooring is particularly happy with the installation. He says: “BOGE is an excellent company to work with, their products are exceptional and their data-logging service proved really useful to determine the right compressor for the application. We are extremely pleased with how things have turned out on this project.”

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