How igus e-spools help loudspeaker arrays fly

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Sophisticated acoustic modelling helps sound engineers in theatres and concert halls achieve optimal clear sound and sonically uniform coverage around the venue. However, some flexibility is needed within the fixed installation to allow for the different audio projection needs of visiting performers.

How igus e-spools help loudspeaker arrays flyTraditionally, this has been achieved by connecting the fixed and moveable audio elements though slip rings; however, their operation depends on breaks in the conduction paths. In high-power, high-quality systems this break can have an adverse effect on reliability and potentially signal quality.

e-spool cable management systems provide no-break connections between the amplifiers and speakers, eliminating reliability and signal quality issues. In the system, an e-chain carries the cables from the amplifiers guided by one roller, which maintains the correct length and tension via an integrated retaining spring. The twisterband connects the roll to the shaft block, which acts as the interface between the linear motion and the fixed end. Other benefits of the e-spool system are there is never any tensile load on the cables and cable droop is eliminated to save space and keep working areas clear.

To find out how igus e-spools can enable theatres and concert halls ensure their audiences enjoy high-quality audio during every performance watch this video.

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