DC-UPS keeps a wireless network alive

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Progetto8 is an Italian company that manufactures radio routers which are used in a number of independent transmission networks in remote, rural parts of Italy as well as other similar isolated areas in Europe.

Progetto8 radio routers are powered by DC current and are equipped with isolation transformers. Where connection cable lengths are greater than 15m, the operators prefer to use 48V power supplies instead of 24V in order to optimise the current voltage ratio, and to do this, they use Adel System CBI485A/S or CBI4810A/S for the conversion. The AC power supply to these base stations is supported by an uninterruptible power supply, a necessary precaution given that rural AC supply is not as stable as it is in more populated areas. The DC UPS is designed to sustain the wireless network for a few hours and the product chosen for this application is an Adel Systems DC UPS unit, the CBI2410A, now available from Essex-based TVR Instruments.

The batteries must be constantly monitored and the life cycle function in the Adel System CBI DC UPS does this every 2h when the AC is present, running through a series of load and charging tests to accurately determine battery health. To limit the effects of network transients (for example lightning surges and sudden industrial demands), the system includes an isolation transformer, a system of surge arresters, a self-starting differential and 16A and 6A magnetothermal switches for two parts of the system. It is also equipped with a fan heater to limit thermal problems.

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