Ready-to-install cable carrier systems for coolant filling

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Kabelschlepp Metool has supplied ‘ready-to-install’ cable carrier systems to SAT STERLING as part of a package manufactured for the automotive sector. They are employed to carry the flexibles as part of coolant filling systems used in vehicle production and consist of two modules, a base unit and a mobile unit.

The base unit – which does not necessarily have to be positioned on the production line itself – takes care of the temperature-dependent mixing of the coolant. This is then transported to the mobile unit, which follows the vehicle on the right or left of the assembly track as required and fills it with the corresponding fluids whilst it moves along the line.

The mobile units usually move along gantry systems which are mounted on the ceiling of the production line, at a height of up to 6m. Cable carriers from Kabelschlepp Metool supply them with power and also carry other cables and hoses for vacuum, compressed air and signal as well as the required coolant fluid. In total, the cable carriers can transport up to five media at the same time.

Kabelschlepp Metool supplies these cable carriers as complete ready-to-install assemblies – including all cables, hoses and connectors. The systems are based on the company’s MC1250 cable carriers, which are plastic with aluminium stays. In this application, they are used in a gliding arrangement for which the carriers are equipped with glide shoes as part of a fitment list specified by the end user. In addition, a hydraulics package was integrated into the TOTALTRAX complete system.

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