Industrial networking

Category Indexes

  AS-Interface (AS-i) and AS-Interface Safety at Work (ASIsafe)
  CAN (Controller Area Network)
  CC-Link and CC-Link Safety
  DeviceNet and DeviceNet Safety
  EtherCAT and Safety-over-EtherCAT
  Ethernet Powerlink and Ethernet Powerlink Safety (EPLsafety)
  Ethernet/IP and Ethernet/IP Safety
  Fibre-optic communications
  Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  Interbus and Interbus Safety
  Modbus and Modbus TCP
  Other wired communications
  Other wireless communications
  Profibus, Profinet and Profisafe
  RS-232 and RS422/485
  SafetyBUS p and SafetyNET p
  Sercos and Sercos Safety
  USB (Universal Serial Bus)
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