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News articles

Entry-level robots to kick-start new factory automation projects
Mitsubishi Electric hosts “Back to production” webinar
Mitsubishi Electric webinar
See Mitsubishi’s smart automation offerings at Drives & Controls
Mitsubishi Electric rewards Controls & Drives Limited
Mitsubishi event: Explore the future of digitalisation
Holistic options for smart manufacturing
Mitsubishi's ‘solutions for smart production’ at SPS IPC Drives
Mitsubishi to offer augmented reality for improved maintenance
Success for Mitsubishi's UK Automation Academy DLTA
Mitsubishi Electric highlights automation at Drives & Controls
Mitsubishi’s SCM system wins 2017 Food Processing Award
Mitsubishi highlights production increases at PPMA 2017
Mitsubishi show human-orientated machine operation at EMO 2017
New concept in robotics for predictive maintenance
Mitsubishi Electric focus on processing and packaging at PPMA
New technology for teaching robots and guiding humans
Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory Alliance is growing
Mitsubishi Electric named on CDP’s Water and Climate A Lists
Mitsubishi Electric supports Scottish manufacturing initiative
‘Threebots’ interactive robot installation receives awards
Christoph Zöller: new Divisional Manager for Mitsubishi Electric
Industrial automation training from Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi to demonstrate iQ Platform at Hanover
Visitors to Mitsubishi Electric got closer to robots at D&C 2016
Take time to get the latest on Robotics at Drives & Controls
Mitsubishi Electric to 'go large' at Drives & Controls Show 2016
Mitsubishi Electric awarded new Framework Agreement
White paper asks: what is the true cost of automation downtime?
How to get the most from waste to energy and renewable resources
Market leaders cooperate to match their drives and motors
Event success promises UK manufacturing has strong future
Mitsubishi adds second day to Future Manufacturing Event
Free admission to the ‘Future Manufacturing Event’, Sheffield
Mitsubishi Electric demonstrates expertise in energy from waste
Energy Saver Demo highlights huge opportunity for industry
Robot population boom to continue says Mitsubishi Electric
Robot has vision to win Food Processing Award
Award recognises Mitsubishi Electric MR-J4 servo
Machine Builder conference: strategies for Asian markets
Mitsubishi software certified compliant with PLCopen standard
New EMEA Marketing Director at Mitsubishi Electric
Food industry growing to new levels of automation
UK Machine Builder Conferences - a review
Free UK Machine Builder Conferences
Mitsubishi Electric's data communications system wins award
Visual Components join Mitsubishi e-F@ctory Alliance
Seminar discusses increasing UK adoption of industrial robots
Amaechi Oduah joins Mitsubishi Electric Automation Systems
More free workshops for Managing Risk and Performance
Managing Risk and Performance - free workshops
Find out more about Mitsubishi's iQ Automation Platform
New website dedicated to SSCNET
Mitsubishi opens Livingston automation facility
Mitsubishi opens automation facility in Scotland
Free seminars to discuss manufacturing technologies
Download EPLAN CAD files from Mitsubishi website
Mitsubishi becomes Technology Partner at AMRC with Boeing
BPX acquires Prolocon Systems Ltd of Hatfield
Download the Mitsubishi UK training prospectus
50-page catalogue describes latest Mitsubishi robots
Mitsubishi strengthens pan-European capabilities
Mitsubishi announces Automation Service Centre for Scotland
Mitsubishi delivers 1000 robots to German colleges
University of Plymouth receives four Mitsubishi robots

Product articles

MELSEC iQ-F series FX5UC PLC is powerful yet ultra-compact
New safety module for Mitsubishi MELSEC iQ-R PLC
Mitsubishi Electric launches next-generation LCD display
SafePlus helps turn industrial robots into co-operative robots
Mitsubishi launches latest generation of micro-PLC
Mitsubishi relaunches MAPS SCADA/HMI as a cloud-based app
Guided picking system offered as self-assembly kit
New I/O modules from Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi introduces cloud-based version of MAPS SCADA
Integrate manual assembly cells into ERP and MES systems
Mitsubishi’s new 7-inch HMI is designed for extreme environments
UHD LCD monitors added to 4Diamond Grid pro-display range
Mitsubishi releases MAPS 4 SCADA software platform
Mitsubishi Electric launches new range of displays
Next-generation predictive maintenance tools from Mitsubishi
Pro-active maintenance of industrial robots uses AI
Mobile robot developed by Mitsubishi Electric and Mirage
New widescreen GOT2000 HMIs feature built-in sound interface
Linear transfer system with smart carriage technology
Mitsubishi Electric launches PLC with safety functionality
Mitsubishi adds direct view LED to display line-up
Smart Condition Monitoring aims to end equipment downtime
Guided Operator Solutions improve quality in assembly processes
New GOT2000 flush-mount HMI from Mitsubishi Electric
New contact image sensor from Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi Electric-powered Delta robots from Codian Robotics
New compact high-end HMI acts as automation system gateway
Intelligent inverters set new standard for energy efficiency
Simple and robust distributed control system for smaller plants
iQ-R series next-generation PAC is ready for Industry 4.0
Mitsubishi launches FX5U next-generation compact PLC
Next-generation HMIs with multi-touch and improved performance
Mitsubishi FR-A800 drives boost performance and reliability
Mitsubishi Electric’s new FX3S creates a new PLC category
Mitsubishi Electric’s new FX3GE offers designers more choice
New MELSERVO MR-J4 series servo amplifiers and motors
Maximum safety combined with optimised productivity
Upgraded MELFA F-Series robots are now food safe
HMIs give transparent link between automation components and PCs
HMI backup/restore function enables fast PLC changeover
Enhanced inverter for pump and water applications
F Series SCARA Robots sets new performance benchmarks
Versatile I/O works with all major fieldbus protocols
MELSEC L Series PLC is compact, powerful and expandable
PLC module connects automation to higher-level business systems
New iQ Works tool improves automation system design
MELFA RV-2SDB six-axis robot is faster and more compact
Mitsubishi launches FX3G compact PLC
Mitsubishi takes novel approach to machinery safety
Mitsubishi launches improved FX3U PLC motion module
Mitsubishi D700 inverters replace S500 & E500 series
Mitsubishi iQ PAC platform gains robot controller
New module for iQ automation controller cuts cost of MES
Mitsubishi launches six new E1000 mid-range HMIs
Super AE-SW air circuit breakers are more compact
Dust- and splash-proofed FR-FR700 series drives
Freestanding cubicle drives save space
Servos give twice the performance for 30 per cent less cost
Software management tool designed for automation projects
Articulated-arm robots offer longer service life
Dedicated modems for compact PLCs and micro controllers
PLC gains add-on 'C-controller' PC module
High-availability, redundant controller for critical systems

Technical articles

CNC or PLC – what is best for Cartesian co-ordinate robots?
IIoT and Smart Technology, the challenges and solutions
How to get safety integrity levels right for automated systems
Should I choose a collaborative or cooperative robot?
What is the best type of robot controller?
Ending unplanned downtime for food and beverage manufacturers
Smart manufacturing and automation
How AI-based predictive maintenance benefits robots
Energy efficiency and cost savings in mines and quarries
Preventative and actual maintenance with smart VSDs
Human–robot collaboration and the use of AI: trends in packaging
Continued market growth is testament to the development of PLCs
How long until we are talking to robots?
Arriving now… the factories of the future
PLC modules: What’s on the rack…
Optimising packaging machines for ease of integration
The age of the PLC platform is now
Alarm management – Finding the needle is IIoT’s biggest asset
When and where will Industry 4.0 actually happen?
Smart manufacturing – the challenges and benefits
System Integrators are the vanguard of new technology adoption
The robotic revolution in life sciences
The immediate future for automation in the food industry
Single-source supply can reduce costs for machine builders
Are your Variable Speed Drives running at maximum efficiency?
The future of inverter drives in the water industry
Connectivity trends in the food industry
Using Ethernet alongside a dedicated motion network
The five golden rules of PLC specification
Managing obsolescence and maintaining production machinery
Energy efficiency – it’s a journey, not a destination
25 things you may not know about drives
Robots in food processing are on the march
Industry 4.0 in the Food and Beverage industry
Cyber-security: a journey, not a destination
Robots helping food processors future proof their plants
M2M communications bring sophistication to the water industry
Automation and data transparency in the bakery
Mitsubishi’s M2M system opens up new world of communications
UK OEMs deserve full support says Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi Electric leads trend in motion and servo technology
Keep on running with a Mitsubishi Electric service contract
Advanced automation technologies in food manufacturing
Mitsubishi Electric improves PLC-based data logging
How robots can reduce costs and enhance production flexibility
Regenerative inverter drives - applications and how they work
How the EU can lead the way on climate change
Climate change: take action now or wait for disaster
The future of AC industrial drives
The benefits of web-enabled industrial control systems
Redundant controls benefit food and drink production

Application Stories

New drives are a breeze
Mitsubishi MELSEC-L series PLC controls plasma treatment system
Smart condition monitoring systems use PLC and VSD
Mitsubishi SCARA robots used for high-speed testing of inhalers
Fully automated cake cutting line uses Mitsubishi robot
Automation innovation in cheesemaking
Malting company boosts productivity by upgrading control system
Mitsubishi robots accelerate discoveries for microbiologists
Mitsubishi controls helps Sadler’s Ales boost production
Mitsubishi automation system boosts Denby Pottery's productivity
Smart Condition Monitoring for barley malt production
Thermo-packaging machine achieved using Mitsubishi technologies
Mitsubishi Electric goes large with video wall in Belarus
Six-axis robot turns 3D printing into an art form
Robots make sure there isn’t a screw loose…
Mitsubishi robot used to automate printer cartridge refills
Classic luxury yacht refitted using Mitsubishi Electric drives
Guided Operator Solutions enhance quality control process
Mitsubishi variable speed drives save mushroom producer energy
Intelligent condition monitoring keeps paper production running
Mitsubishi Electric integrates own Factory Automation products
Robot keeps Newtech at the cutting edge of cake slicing
Automation equipment service support keeps dairy running
Waterworks modernisation supports regional economic regeneration
Honda’s Yorii plant adopts CC-Link IE Field Network
Coordinated syringe handling by Mitsubishi Electric robots
Mitsubishi Electric PLC controls flagship water treatment works
Mitsubishi MELSEC L series PLCs provide control heart of AGVs
FR-E700 series frequency inverter improves ice cream production
Packaging innovation with Mitsubishi’s motion control technology
Mitsubishi Electric’s iQ platform runs powerful industrial laser
Mitsubishi robot emulates intuitive human cake-icing movements
Mitsubishi Electric causes a stir in white sauce production
Injection moulders keep quality consistent in end products
Engineering academy upgrades with Mitsubishi Electric equipment
Mitsubishi Electric robot used to develop next-generation robots
Mitsubishi Electric’s rapid response saves the day
Mitsubishi and Raima create secure data-handling process
Mitsubishi Electric brings automation to baking technology
Plastic recycler goes greener by swapping to AC drives
Mitsubishi Electric Robot picks stem cells
Mitsubishi Electric technology helps train future engineers
Crane drive for near continuous long-term operation
Integrated Mitsubishi Electric SCADA drives major energy savings
Smart conveyor lines up quiches for precision baking
Solving safety problems enables automation of crumb production
Eight-head filling machine uses single PLC control configuration
Machine builder uses single-axis controller on flying shear
PLCs and HMI control innovative bioreactors
Getting the most out of micro controllers
Q series MES offers simpler alternative to SCADA
130 Mitsubishi controllers run Hamburg metro system
Mitsubishi automation brings Denby into the 21st century
Giant speed-controlled fans help to cut heating bills
Automated bagging machine uses Mitsubishi throughout
New drives installed inside oil-cooled drive casings
Mitsubishi helps Eurostar trains run safely under London
PLCs, HMIs and drives deliver flexibility and transparency
Alpha microcontrollers control air conditioning units
Mitsubishi robots protect workers from RSI
Mitsubishi FX3U compact PLC keeps F1 team cool
VSDs, PLCs and HMIs save £120,000 of energy per year
Laser cell uses latest positioning technology
UTU Power Electronics selects FR-F700 power-saving inverters
Screen printing machines benefit from motion control system
PLC controls dancing sculpture at Yorkshire Dance Studio, Leeds

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