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News articles

Southco launches new branding
Southco earns UL Recognition Certification FTTA2/FTTA8
Southco expands Europe manufacturing operations into Poland
Southco acquires Counterbalance Corporation
Southco launches new product handbook for 2015
Southco launches new website with improved navigation
Southco acquires Unikey Industrial Components
Southco recognised for environmental achievements
Free guide to positioning technology

Product articles

New low-profile captive screws with custom colour option
Cable splitter provides flexibility of actuation points
Padlockable compression latch with ergonomic T-handle
New counterbalance system supports heavy doors and covers
Captive quarter-turn fastener for vibration-resistant access
New shutter cam latch designed to prevent accidental opening
Microprocessor-controlled R4-EM 9 series electronic rotary latch
Southco’s 4C Wing Knob Captive Screw offers tool-free access
Aluminium compression latch provides adjustable grip
Compact rotary latch series features dual trigger actuation
Corrosion-resistant all-plastic cam latch meets NEMA 4 and IP65
Detent hinge has improved corrosion resistance and cycle life
Southco introduces new spring-loaded concealed pull handle
New sealed lever latch from Southco meets door IP ratings
Southco continues to develop DZUS quarter-turn fastener range
Southco expands entry door systems with non-locking actuators
Compact two-stage rotary latch prevents false latching
Tilt display mount with non-counterbalanced torque option
Advancing electronic access in off-highway equipment
Aluminium compression latch complies with EU fire standard
Rugged compact tilt and swivel mount for smaller displays
Lightweight hinge delivers double the torque to hold heavy doors
Lockable flush handle installs quickly and improves security
Sealed, corrosion-resistant electronic rotary latch for outdoors
Enhanced lever latches deliver better performance
Stainless steel version of DZUS Panex quarter-turn fastener
Electronic locking swinghandle accepts HID proximity cards
USB controller allows independent control of multiple devices
RF remote control for wireless actuation of electronic locks
Complete rotary latch system offers off-highway security
Southco offers standard and customised cam latches
New Membrane Keypad Access Controller suits industrial equipment
Southco launches E5 push-to-close cam latches
Fasteners and hinges aid compliance with Machinery Directive
Wireless remote locking benefits industrial equipment
Latch can be locked/unlocked using electronic devices
Lift-and-turn compression latch suits large, heavy panels
New catalogue for quick-access and retained fasteners
Fasteners for fixed guards - for the new Machinery Directive
New inject/eject mechanisms for CompactPCI boards
Compact push-to-close latches in stainless steel
Easy way to add electronic security to enclosures
Swing handle latch offers greater versatility

Technical articles

How to specify components for a rotary latch system
Five ways to future-proof industrial products
Tips for specifying stainless steel hinges
A balancing act: the benefits of using counterbalance technology
Electronic access control: physically securing medical equipment
Medical equipment ergonomics vital in healthcare sector

Application Stories

Engineered latching for enhanced usability
Southco's torque hinge technology for EvoBus headrests
Southco helps to secure self-service postal system
Southco provides robust access for Liebherr Cranes
Flexible arm for medical workstations
Atos chooses Southco’s access systems for datacentre security
Southco ensures safe and secure deliveries at parcel lockers
Southco helps Gidophone secure mobile charging stations

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