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News articles

How the mining industry can cut water consumption by 70 per cent
Hose sample packs ensure pumped fluid compatibility
White paper: peristaltic pumps for abrasive pastes and chemicals
Total Cost of Ownership Calculator reveals long-term savings
Watson-Marlow receives Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation
Watson-Marlow receives Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation
Cheese producers use Sine pumps to increase productivity
Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group at PPMA 2017
Queen’s Award for Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group
Web videos communicate the benefits of peristaltic hose pumps
Direct sales and technical support for Irish customers of WMFTG
Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group acquires Aflex Hose Ltd
White paper proves Sine pump energy benefits
Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group acquires Flow Smart Inc.
Watson-Marlow Pumps Group announces name change
Watson Marlow wins prestigious business award
Watson-Marlow sells pumps to South African water industry
Watson-Marlow acquires PAK Machinery, a Flexicon distributor
Watson-Marlow signs deal with Yorkshire Water Services
Free on-site trials for peristaltic pumps

Product articles

ReNu pumphead: accurate, repeatable flow for polymer dosing
WMFTG completes process pump range for industrial applications
MasoSine Certa: the cleanest pump you will ever need
New pump with 3A and EHEDG Type EL Class I certification
Qdos 120 offers opportunities for upscale to higher flow rates
New Watson-Marlow industrial and environmental 530 pumps
Watson-Marlow panel mount pumps with DriveSure technology
IE3-rated pump motors from Watson-Marlow offer cost savings
Stainless steel power frame for MasoSine SPS pumps
QDOS range of pumps for 'no-valve' chemical metering
Peristaltic pumphead is advanced yet cost-effective
Cased peristaltic pumps feature Profibus DP comms
SPX-DuCoNite hose pump suits challenging chemical applications

Technical articles

ESOS an opportunity for pump users, says Watson-Marlow

Application Stories

Medical packaging company cuts costs with peristaltic pumps
Sine pump solves yeast transfer problem for independent brewery
Carton manufacturer switches to Qdos pumps to improve production
OEM peristaltic pump selected for colonoscope
Sine pumps optimise high viscosity resin delivery at Enercon
Control capability drives pump selection at Fidia Farmaceutici
21 Bredel hose pumps installed in sustainable energy project
OEM pumpheads from WMFTG help cool covert drilling system
Accurate dosing pumps enable Welsh Water to maintain P limits
Cream cheese plant benefits from gentle Certa pump
Bredel pumps replace piston pumps on cement slurry projects
Peristaltic pumps maximise uptime for fluid transfer operation
Bredel pumps handle abrasive and viscous bodywork prep compounds
APEX hose pumps replace PC pumps for reliable bentonite pumping
Qdos pump technology cuts maintenance time at wastewater plant
High-viscosity cooked starch no problem for MasoSine pump
Pumping peanut butter made easy using MasoSine SPS200
Quality and running costs make Bredel pump easy choice
Qdos dosing pumps improve ‘uptime’ at aluminium coating plant
QC of alcoholic beverages relies on Watson-Marlow OEM pumps
Flexicon capabilities match up to e-liquid filling market
MasoSine pump brings hassle-free jam pumping to croissant plant
Peristaltic pumps give smooth flow and long-term reliability
Peristaltic pumps transform dye control in papermaking
Peristaltic pumps prove to be durable and dependable
Pumps deliver high-viscosity fluids with high accuracy
Pumps cope with aggressive fluid from electronics recycling

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