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News articles

Market leaders collaborate on new M12 push-pull standard
Molex showcase complete interconnect systems at Hannover Messe
Molex and TE collaborate on data communications products
Molex partners to manufacture high-quality SoftBattery
Molex signs distribution agreement with Bürklin Elektronik
Molex shows global electronics platform for multiple industries
Molex to acquire Phillips-Medisize Corporation
Molex and Cisco help MSA develop double-density QSFP interfaces
Molex acquires Interconnect Systems, Inc.
Molex custom Soligie flexible printed sensors streamline R&D
Molex acquires Soligie, Inc.
Molex at SPS IPC Drives: WSOR cables and SST modules
Molex bring machinery and equipment connectivity to Agritechnica
Molex to demonstrate aerospace and defence industry expertise
Molex launches Spanish-language website
Mobile app for anytime, anywhere access to Molex products
Molex and master distributor Waldom Electronics form partnership
Digi-Key wins 2012 Global eCatalog Distributor of the Year Award
Molex and profichip announce technology partnership
Molex wins Cisco 2012 Supplier of the Year Award
Industry-first high-speed interconnects at ECOC 2012
Molex Inc and TE Connectivity announce second source agreements
Convergence of power and signals at SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2011

Product articles

High-current interconnect system designed for easier mating
Nano-Pitch I/O 8X Interconnect increases port density and speed
Molex and MB Connect Line offer remote access capabilities
Brad Ultra-Lock technology for fast reliable sealed connections
BiPass Cable Assemblies: high-speed, high-density connections
ValuSeal wire-to-wire connector system for effective protection
Molex launches Nano-Fit Power Connectors
RAST 2.5 Glow-Wire compliant wire-to-wire headers from Molex
IP67 DeviceNet I/O module with full M8 connectivity from Molex
Molex PowerLife wireless power coils with NuCurrent technology
Molex introduces IP67 IO-Link solutions for PROFINET network
Flamar debuts standard industrial automation cables
Updated NeoScale High-Speed Mezzanine System from Molex
Molex debuts 2×2 PoE 2.5 GbE multi-port magnetic modular jacks
Molex launches Temp-Flex Multicore Cable
Brad M40 overmoulded cordsets from Molex
Molex introduces SST PB3-CPX modules for PROFIBUS controllers
Brad M23 power and signal cordsets with WSOR cable as standard
Mini-MRP system improves reliability for aerospace rack systems
Molex introduces Polymicro Technologies nano-capillary tubing
SST Universal Modbus Modules for CompactLogix controllers
Molex communicates on EtherNet/IP using the CIP Safety Protocol
Fully harnessed cables for heavy industrial applications
Brad M12 Power connector system with T-coded mating interface
Ruggedised optical industrial assemblies and adapters from Molex
Brad M12 Power F-Coded cordsets and receptacles from Molex
Passive signal MPIS boxes feature WSOR home-run cables
Custom capacitive and metal touch switches from Molex
Brad Micro-Push Connectors boost operational efficiencies
Polymicro Technologies Optical Fibre Bundle Assemblies
Polymicro Technologies VS flexible fused silica capillary tubing
Molex adds Heavy Duty Connectors to portfolio
New Brad MX-PTL M12 cordsets are quicker to connect
Modular D-Sub mixed layout connectors with up to IP69 rating
High power-density nano-fit and ultra-fit power connectors
Hermetic-sealed multi-fibre circular MT optical assemblies
Molex offers FEP MIL-spec approved flat-ribbon cable
New Woodhead Watertite FD Multiple Outlet Boxes from Molex
Molex MXP120 sealed connector system handles harsh environments
Molex launches new customised POF cable assemblies and harnesses
Vertical DuraClik connectors for high-vibration instrumentation
High current-density mega-fit power connectors from Molex
USCAR-approved interface for transportation vehicle interiors
Weld-slag and oil-resistant cable for harsh environments
Connect Rockwell Automation PLCs and AS-i field devices
Woodhead MAX-LOC Plus Shielded Cord-Grip Assemblies
Molex expands MX150 wire-to-wire connector portfolio
Molex introduces rugged Brad HarshIO M8 ethernet modules
Industrial sealed connector system protects against the elements
Avikrimp and VersaKrimp ring terminals now in metric sizes
Brad Nano-Change connectors conform to M8 form factor standards
28-circuit, high current, right-angle CMC header
VITA 66.1 optical MT backplane interconnect system from Molex
Projected capacitive touch screen delivers pinpoint accuracy
Stackable, right-angle HS Stac headers from Molex
Brad mPm DIN valve connectors with DIN Form B, C, Micro versions
MediSpec high-density micro-ribbon cables from Molex
First-to-market LED array plastic interconnection technology
MX150 Unsealed Connector System uses MX150 terminal system
Custom LED circuit assemblies for harsh environments
Low-profile iPass+ zHD connectors improve system airflow
SpeedStack Connector System is high density and low profile
Optical fibre for panoramic spectrograph and sensor analysis
Capacitive fluid-level sensors feature advanced software
PoE Plus single-port integrated controller Power Device jack
Brad M12 Power Connector System for higher power consumption
Remote communication module has PROFIBUS connectivity
Direct-Link unmanaged switches for harsh-duty Ethernet networks
Portable hand-held wire crimp pull-force tester from Molex
Brad Micro-Change M12 Cat 6A connectors for signal integrity
Brad Ultra-Lock (M12) EX Connection System for hazardous sites
Molex expands Mini-Fit Portfolio and KK System
Microwave coaxial cables deliver low loss and superior bandwidth
Next-generation Sealed Rectangular Connector system from Molex
Molex unveils two new versions in its Premo-Flex line of jumpers
Modular mezzanine interconnect delivers signal integrity
Expanded-beam interconnects meet Telcordia GR-1435 specification
Brad HarshIO PROFINET I/O Modules now Conformance Class B
Metal-bodied optical connectors for harsh environments
Bus Bar Connector (BBC) assembly is reliable and compact
Universal EMI adapter with multiple optical-connector interfaces

Application Stories

Molex Polymicro Technologies optical fibre onboard ICESat-2

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