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News articles

Kontron announces partner agreement with Connect Tech
Kontron joins Open Invention Network (OIN)
Kontron announces partnership with SQLstream
Kontron appoints DAX Automation as UK distributor
Kontron to use new Intel Pentium and Celeron Processors N3000
Kontron VPX computing node based on Intel Xeon-D Processor
Kontron launches SMARC Certified Design Partner Program
Kontron and collaborate on the Internet of Things
SKIDATA presents Supplier Performance Award to Kontron
Vodafone approves Kontron M2M Smart Services Developer Kit
ULP-COM specification wins Electron d'or Award
End of Life (EOL) announced for some Intel processors
Kontron achieves double-digit growth in 2008
Kontron boosts sales of COM products in Korea
microETXexpress-SP wins award
AMD to support Universal Graphics Module (UGM) standard
Kontron to co-operate with MDS Technology in Korea
Kontron COMs to be bundled with Diamond Systems I/O
New website for nanoETXexpress COM form factor
Specification published for nano Computer-on-Module format
Kontron publishes 2008 Product Guide
Kontron wins Multi-core Alignment Award of Excellence
Companies prepare COM Express Base Board Design Guide
Matthias Huber elected vice president of PC/104 Consortium
Advantech and Kontron unveil COM Express Extension
New 'Universal Graphics Module' Standard Comes of Age
Kontron reports strong performance in 2006
ETX 3.0 Standard continues to gain support
Kontron unveils ATEX Zone 1 computing display
Kontron Reaches New Milestone in Quality Management
Two More Companies Support the ETX 3.0 Standard

Product articles

New mITX-BW motherboard: robust with long-term availability
Kontron pioneers integrated security in IoT (Internet of Things)
Kontron launches two new SMARC modules in 2016
Hardware-based security technology on a compact form factor
Kontron announces the COMe-bBD6 for high processing power
Kontron’s Endurance Tablet: powerful, feature-rich, robust
Kontron launches Kontron FusionClient
Kontron CompactPCI CP3004-SA: reliability and performance
Kontron TRACe HMI delivers unified design approach
Kontron to deploy Intel 6th Gen Intel Core Processor family
Kontron Box PC with IoT Gateway Solutions from Intel
Kontron next-generation COBALT delivers application-specific I/O
AdvancedMC module for COTS high-performance systems
Kontron mini Box-PCs with Intel IoT Gateway Solutions
Multi-touch panel PCs for machine and plant monitoring
Kontron’s first SMARC Computer-on-Modules with an x86 processor
Embedded motherboards with Intel Atom processor E3800 series
Kontron launches new COM Express Computer-on-Module families
New KBox control cabinet IPC products for industrial automation
Kontron launches long-term available KTQM87/mITX motherboard
OmniView monitors: multi-touch performance in a durable design
Kontron CP3010-SA boosts performance of CompactPCI systems
COM Express mini modules maximise processing performance
Kontron premieres medical motherboards in series production
COBALT system gives OEMs additional I/O options
Kontron CP-POCKET boxes the flexibility of a modular CPCI server
Embedded motherboard speeds development of ARM-based SFF designs
10/40 Gigabit Ethernet switch enhancesdata throughput
Mini-ITX motherboard for thermal design-restricted applications
6U CompactPCI board has 4th generation Intel Core processors
COM Express basic Computer-on-Module for better performance
Computer-on-Module Starterkit for Power Architecture
Fanless data concentrator for SCADA and control room systems
Kontron MicroTCA Carrier Hubs now support MTCA.4 specification
Smart Services Developer Kit supports Cumulocity M2M Platform
PLX and Kontron announce PCI Express Fabric breakthrough
Kontron Flex-ATX motherboard for graphics-intensive applications
Kontron’s ULP-COM module for energy-efficient mobile devices
CompactPCI Value Line for cost-sensitive industrial applications
Embedded Box PC with integrated graphics accelerator
COM Express for development of graphics-intensive applications
Two new COM Express Power Architecture processor modules
Kontron ETX module has new AMD Embedded G-Series APU T16R
Mini-ITX embedded motherboard has ARM processor technology
Kontron previews new digital signage system
Industry server has 2 8-core Intel Xeon E5-2600 processors
New COM ExpressStarterkit for small and rugged applications
Quad-core processors supported by application-ready platforms
Fanless panel PCs with 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor
3U CompactPCI CPU board supports LynxOS-SE 5.0
Kontron Concept Box embedded PC is configured to order
CompactPCI CPU board for cost-sensitive industrial projects
6U CompactPCI CPU board suits industrial applications
MediClient Panel PC is designed for medical equipment
New credit card-sized nanoETXexpress form factor COM
Low-cost Management Controller Hub for MicroTCA platform
6U CompactPCI boards feature 45nm Intel Core2 Duo processor
AdvancedMC processor modules for multiple markets
Computer-on-Modules feature 45nm Intel processors
Fast COM Express graphics engine is ready for design-in
Certified Design Partner network for nanoETXexpress
ETX 3.0 module consumes little power but offers good 3D graphics
Kontron mini-ITX motherboard features Intel Atom processor
ThinkIO-Duo DIN rail PC connects to more fieldbuses
Industrial servers offer remote management features
Quad-core industrial servers offered in compact formats
Notebook PC is certified for ATEX Zone 2 environments
Fully rugged tablet PC weighs just 1.4kg
Kontron launches credit-card size COM Express module
Kontron microETXexpress-SP COM uses Intel Atom
Basic motherboard delivers high-definition video
Computer-on-module is first to use AMD 690 chipset
Gbit Ethernet switch offered in three levels of ruggedness
Flat panel controller is designed for industrial applications
Compact COM Express baseboard for rapid development
Single-board computers use 600MHz Intel Pentium M processor
Slimline 7-inch panel PC offers exceptional versatility
nanoETXexpress COM includes high-end graphics
Plastic-housed panel PC is designed for medical OEMs
Slimline 1U 19inch servers are fully industrialised
Semi-rugged notebook is powerful and energy-efficient
High-spec, rugged convertible notebook and tablet PC
Kontron introduces nanoETXexpress COM standard
AMC module handles high volumes of data
Kontron unveils UGM 1.0 compliant graphics module
Kontron unveils new ETXexpress Computer-On-Modules
Kontron KISS-4U servers offer high availability
Kontron ThinkIO-Duo uses Intel Dual-core technology
ETXexpress-CD Computer-On-Module supports Intel Core 2 Duo
Mid-Size AMC supports Intel multi-core processors
Kontron offers Intel Core 2 Duo processor on ETX 3.0 module
Embedded motherboards support Intel Core 2 Duo
3U CompactPCI board features Intel Core 2 Duo
PC/104 board uses Intel Pentium M 745 processor
Multimedia computer-on-module uses CN800 chipset
Kontron's new embedded computers with Intel Core 2 Duo
Panel-PC V Panel Express with Intel Core Duo
Compact and versatile Kontron minicomputer
Next generation ultra-rugged mobile computing
Mid-size AdvancedMC modules from Kontron
Reference design for smart battery controls from Kontron
FLEX/ATX embedded motherboard
Compact and Rugged addition to KISS family
Extended temperature version of ThinkIO-P
PCI Express and Multi Core for slot assemblies
High-end ETX 3.0 computer-on-module from Kontron
ETX 3.0-compliant, energy-saving Computer-On-Module
Micro Client M@C150 breaks through the 15" barrier
miniBaseboard: extremely compact baseboard for ETX 3.0
Certified ATEX Zone 2 / C1 D2 Display Workstation
Panel Mount Computer for Rugged Environments

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Kontron is M2M partner of Deutsche Telekom

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