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News articles

New Python software application note from Mclennan
Mclennan to exhibit new products at 2018 Engineering Design Show
Mclennan is exclusive UK and Ireland sales partner for Phytron
SmartDrive D- and DM-series Eurocard stepper drives safeguarded
White paper compares open-loop and closed-loop stepper control
Portescap’s Ultra EC Brushless Mini Motor wins award
Mclennan launches new website for precision motion control
Catalogue has AMP lead screw stepper motors for linear motion
Mclennan adds JVL Industri Elektronik A/S motion products
Mclennan Servo Supplies opens new office in Paris
Mclennan to distribute Pittman, MCG and MAE motors

Product articles

Mclennan boosts motion capability with Servotecnica slip rings
Frameless motors for high-performance motion control
Mclennan now supplying innovative hollow-shaft rotary actuators
Integrated miniature microstepping motor uses single-cable PoE
Robust and durable absolute linear encoders with SSI interface
ESR: strain sensor with improved accuracy and durability
Compatible microstepping drive for Siemens Simatic ET200SP
Integrated servo motors with feedback, drive and motion control
EtherCAT synchronised motion for integrated drives
Matching stepper motor and drive for use in hazardous areas
Full featured microstepping drive is a real space saver
Motion controller complements Mclennan’s custom build service
Microstepping drives with a choice of communication protocols
Intelligent stepper drive has ATEX and UL certification
New compact all-in-one linear actuators available from Mclennan
New encoder technology for microstepping motors
Diminutive NEMA17 version of integrated ServoStep Motors
Microstepping drives for high-torque step-and-direction control
Portescap 20DBM miniature can stack linear actuator at Mclennan
Phytron ZSH series harsh environment stepper motors
AMP SV2Dx series digital servo drives at Mclennan
stepSERVO closed-loop servo drives now available with EtherCAT
JVL's MIS23 Quickstep series delivers 40 per cent more torque
Portescap’s Athlonix 24DCTmm high torque motor from Mclennan
stepSERVO range expands with NEMA 34 and dual-port Ethernet
Leine & Linde’s EtherCAT encoders available from Mclennan
Portescap’s 22ECP brushless slotless DC motors from Mclennan
Drop-in upgrade for MSE570 Eurocard stepper drive
Miniature motors offer higher torque and better speed control
STR3: new miniature stepper drive for step & direction control
Heavy duty encoders with integrated environmental diagnostics
McLennan adds JVL integrated servo motor to motion control range
IP69K electric cylinder: JVL’s MACTUATOR range at McLennan
Athlonix high power density brushed DC motors from McLennan
Hollow shaft stepper motor range for simplified design options
SV200 series digital servo drives now available from Mclennan
Mclennan’s AMP stepper motor range expands
AMP's stepSERVO range expands
ATEX-certified absolute rotary encoders from McLennan
Applied Motion Products’ Integrated Step-Servo from Mclennan
Liene & Linde’s new EtherCAT encoders available from Mclennan
Planetary gearmotors for miniature power transmission
Entry-level version of STM series frame stepper motors
PITTMAN industrial grade servo motors available from Mclennan
IP65-rated Integrated microstepping motor and intelligent drives
Low-cost microstepping drive has high performance
Bearing-less, large shaft-mounted optical incremental encoder
BLDC series DC brushless servo motors/matched drives available
High-torque IP65-rated stepper motors available from Mclennan
High-speed brushless/slotless DC micromotors for medical devices
Microstepping motor and intelligent drive with Ethernet
Inductive Leine & Linde absolute encoder available from Mclennan
ST Configurator set-up software available from Mclennan
Industrial encoder has both incremental and absolute outputs
25mm coreless motors deliver exceptional performance
Integrated brushless servomotor-drive with high power density
KinetiX 24 EB brushless DC motor with integrated drive
Applied Motion Products STAC5 microstepping drives
New optical encoder with fibre-optic data transmission
Low-cost absolute encoder kit for rotary and linear motion
Mclennan to distribute more products from Allied Motion
Miniature incremental encoder in analogue and digital variants
PosiStep intelligent drive simplifies single-axis motion control
Low-cost miniature DC gearmotor - standard and custom
Motorised belt-driven rotary stages offer high stiffness
Planetary brushed DC gearmotors for medium and high torques
Belt-driven linear positioner achieves higher performance
Miniature linear encoders are ultra-compact
Mclennan introduces miniature DC geared motors
Hybrid stepper motors now offered with integral encoder
Integrated stepper units incorporate motor, drive and control
New range of high-power, high-speed microstepping drives
Miniature brushless DC motor with integral drive electronics
high-precision instrument gearheads are more durable
Absolute encoder is DeviceNet compatible
New source for AMP's BLuAC5 intelligent servo drives
Stepper drives come with a choice of built-in intelligence
Stepper motors have option of terminal boxes or connectors
Compact hybrid stepper motor is just 13mm long
Low-cost gyro sensor measures pitch, yaw, roll and more
Stepper features integrated encoder to avoid position loss
Mclennan offers Portescap hybrid stepper motors

Technical articles

Phytron celebrates 30 years of contribution to space exploration

Application Stories

Motion and machine control sub-system for pharma application
Tri-axis inertial measurement units for subterranean curvature
Mclennan's custom motion system for lighthouse lantern
Phytron stepper motors, precision gear units used in Mars lander
Motion control for 3D laser mapping application
Mclennan supplies specialist laboratory equipment manufacturer
Tamagawa Seiki Tri-Axis inertial measurement units: applications
Tamagawa VR-type Singlsyn resolvers in hybrid vehicle motors
High-spec vacuum stepper motor systems installed at QinetiQ LEEP

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