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News articles

Michael Smith Engineers rewarded by Viking Pumps
Are you buying or installing pumps?

Product articles

Magnet-drive micropumps for high-pressure applications
SP mag-drive pumps for safer handling of difficult liquids
Innovative gear pump suits sensitive solids
Compact, fully integral modular dosing systems
FTI AIR range: new design of air-operated double diaphragm pump
New drive options for micropump gear pumps
Multi-channel peristaltic pump saves bench-top space
Mag-drive micropump for leak-free high-flow pumping
Less space, more power for new micropump drives
Durable, seal-less pumps for high or low-pressure duty
Micro gear pumps for high pressures, low flows
Peristaltic pump with three independent channels
Ultra-compact gear pumps for smooth, pulse-free flows
Heavy duty gear pumps for industrial pumping
Viking Pumps with electric heating save energy costs
White Ink pump copes with fluids containing abrasive particles
Heavy-duty, low-maintenance Viking Universal Seal Pumps
Compact pumps feature electromagnetic drive
Micro annular gear pump copes with the harshest of fluids
Miniature internal gear pumps for OEM applications
Made-to-measure micropumps for OEM applications
New DB5.5 plastic magnetic-drive sealless centrifugal pump
Magnetically-driven micro annular gear pump is ultra-compact
Wider range of magnetic-drive, self-priming centrifugal pumps
Smooth pumping of high-viscosity, high-temperature fluids
Rotary piston pumps for accurate and reliable dispensing
Dispensing and filling pumps offer reliability and repeatability
Micro annular gear pumps handle aggressive media
Micro annular gear pumps deliver precise, smooth flows
Magnet-drive plastic pumps cope with hostile liquids
Miniature pumps deliver precise, smooth, pulse-less flows
Sealless pumps deliver reliability despite particulates

Technical articles

Micropumps for high-precision liquids transfer

Application Stories

Hygienic lobe pumps help to smooth the sun cream process
Micropumps are the real deal for mechanical seal flushing
Viking SG pumps cope with high differential pressures
Mag-drive pumps solve semiconductor waste problem
Pumps solve moisture control problem in textiles process
Hydra-Cell pumps handle abrasive mix of sand and resin
Positive displacement pumps handle high-temperature glue
Pumps handle volatile, near-boiling solvents with ease
Compact gear pumps meet the needs of machine builders

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