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ZF shows modular speed and direction sensor kit at Electronica
ZF appoints Ivory Egg for KNX Energy Harvesting Switch products
ZF Switches & Sensors appointment targets industrial sensors
Cherry offers discounts off keyboards and mice at LITS
Custom switching and sensing at affordable prices
Cherry Corporation to join ZF Group
Interactive Ideas to distribute Cherry keyboards and mice

Product articles

Energy harvesting engine now paired with Bluetooth low energy
Angular position sensors from ZF Switches & Sensors
New linear position and angular position motion sensors from ZF
Rugged round waterproof push button and rocker switches
Cherry modular speed sensors for industrial applications
Energy-harvesting wireless switches for industrial applications
Wireless and batteryless Energy Harvesting Switches from Cherry
Low-cost solid-state relays offer performance and durability
PCB-mount solid-state relays offer affordable performance
Smart card reader operates at a distance of up to 5cm
Cherry snap-action switches cost 20 per cent less

Application Stories

Smart homes made simpler with energy harvesting switches

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