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News articles

New Rocfast lock assembly guide from FDB Panel Fittings
Stock and staffing expansion at FDB Panel Fittings
FDB Panel Fittings at Southern Manufacturing 2016
FDB Panel Fittings at Southern Manufacturing Exhibition
FDB Online: recessed handles available
New FDB online shop for panel fittings and electrical products
FDB Panel Fittings highlight new hinge calculator tool
New product guide from FDB – Hinges Knowledge Base 06
FDB gives guidance on multi-point locking
D-Snap technology fittings knowledge base guide
FDB Panel Fittings gas struts knowledge base guide
FDB Rocfast lock assembly service now offers up to IP67 sealing
FDB Panel Fittings joins F1 with FAST
New compression locks guidance sheet from FDB Panel Fittings
New lock and cam assembly guides from FDB
Free D-SNAP technical guide book from FDB
New book details “Latch and Hinge Technology for Industrial Use”

Product articles

FDB Panel Fittings now supplying Dirak swinghandle cam mountings
FDB introduces IP65 swinghandle for flat rod closure systems
FDB now stocking Dirak lift-off 180 degree cabinet hinges
FDB Panel Fittings now stocking new Dirak cabinet L-handles
FDB Panel Fittings now supplying updated lift-off hinges
New quarter-turn hygienic latch with SW13 insert
FDB introduces Pinet 90deg stainless steel concealed hinges
Heavy-duty parallelogram hinges with 110deg opening from FDB
FDB introduces Dirak slam latch for sliding doors and panels
Dirak flush-mounted stainless steel compression latches at FDB
Pinet aluminium hinges from FDB Panel Fittings
FDB now supplying Pinet aluminium spring-loaded latches
New Pinet soft-close hinges with lift-off facility
Stainless steel Dirak D-Snap hardware available from FDB
Pinet soft-close aluminium hinges prevent doors slamming shut
New sprung and unsprung multi-link concealed hinges
FDB supplies new Pinet concealed parallelogram hinges
FDB Panel Fittings introduces innovative IP65/67 hinge
FDB Panel Fittings introduces high-capacity corner hinge
Compact, powerful magnetic catches from FDB Panel Fittings
Clean-by-design AISI 316 stainless steel 180-degree panel hinges
New extra-length bridge handles from FDB Panel Fittings
IP65/67 Compression Latch – now available in black
New stainless steel L handle for padlock security
New sliding slam latches are virtually silent in use
Robust non-locking L handle available for same-day despatch
New DIRAK lift-off hinge concept from FDB Panel Fittings
FDB's 50mm nested door hinge offers 180/270 degree opening
New online lock offering from FDB Panel Fittings
Clip-on sealing profiles from FDB Panel Fittings
New toggle latches from FDB Panel Fittings
New IP65 quarter-turn cabinet locking program from FDB
New IP65 roller cam compression latch from FDB Panel Fittings
Specialist cabinet swinghandle system from FDB Panel Fittings
IP65 2-point cabinet latching from FDB Panel Fittings
Extension Compression Cam for rod lock systems from FDB
IP65 2 point latching with protected locking profile cylinder
New IP65 insert compression latch/lock from FDB
New IP65 compression latch/lock from FDB Panel Fittings
Spring-loaded Slam Cam for cylinder locks, handles and inserts
Swinghandle: vibration proof and with anti-vandal construction
Ajustable depth cam suits compression quarter-turn latches
Smooth operator roller cam from FDB suits quarter-turn locks
New from FDB: an adjustable cam for quarter-turn latches
New adjustable clamping lever from FDB Panel Fittings
IP65/IP67 compression latch with protective cover flap from FDB
New vibration isolator from FDB for equipment mounting
Giussani reprogrammable quarter-turn lock from FDB
New illuminating indicator for quarter-turn locks
DIRAK multi-point compression lock system from FDB
Novel 2-stage hinges for flush doors from FDB Panel Fittings
New 180 degree polyamide hinges by EMKA from FDB
Giussani pop-out T handles from FDB Panel Fittings
New from FDB – EMKA pin hinges for industrial cabinets
New from FDB – the EMKA 1110 180 degree hinge
Giussani Tumbler Lock Pop-out T handle from FDB Panel Fittings
Novel Giussani anti-rotational, anti-vibration T Handle from FDB
New “crown” key IP65 lock for telco cabinets from FDB
EMKA 1110 quick-fit 120 degree hinge from FDB
EMKA 1150 small format swinghandle from FDB Panel Fittings
FDB 180 degree butt hinges now available at Online Store
Quarter-turn wing handles from FDB Online
Swinghandles online from FDB Panel Fittings
FDB Panel fittings puts the L handle online
T handles online from FDB Panel Fittings
Bridge/pull handles online from FDB
FDB online shop includes IP65 stainless steel L and T handles
Adjustable stainless steel multi-angle lid and door stay
FDB’S ‘Black Torpedo’ hinge for enclosures/cabinets
FDB's IP65 compression latch offers inconspicuous security
FDB latches protect against vandalism and theft
FDB Rocfast now offers preformed mitred-and-joined frames
Heavy duty spring hinge from FDB Panel Fittings
Aluminium profile spring hinges from FDB Panel Fittings
Convert single-point locks with the multi-point cam adapter
Anti-tamper stainless quarter-turn lock for public areas
Rectangular quarter-turn IP65 latch from FDB Panel Fittings
New from FDB – IP66 quarter turn lock
IP65 quarter turn locks with integral finger pull handle
Giussani quarter-turn locks available from FDB panel fittings
Added security with key-operated compression locks from FDB
Hardware accessories for aluminium profiles
FDB introduces panel fittings for special vehicles
New outdoor lock for low temperatures from FDB
New cable management system from FDB Panel Fittings
New brand – toggle latches from Rocfast at FDB
FDB Panel fittings have a range of gasket sealing profiles
D-SNAP technology for quick assembly of flat pack enclosures
Stainless steel compression latches are vibration-resistant
Rod guide speeds installation of cabinet hardware

Application Stories

FDB hinges and compression locks solve storage access problems
FDB provides rugged cabinet hardware for speedway racing
Locks to suit arduous service conditions
FDB supplies special cabinet locks for marine contractor

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