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News articles

Discontinued servo motor range still available from new supplier
New website for servo and automation products and technologies
Motor Technology celebrates 25 years of 'control in motion'

Product articles

Ultra-compact servo motors with integrated drives
New right-angled planetary gearboxes for industrial applications
New ultra-compact, low-cost servo drives
Stand alone drives are low-cost option
High-performance servo drives get POWERLINK interface
Wireless testing and programming unit for miniature encoders
Servo drive range gets Profinet module
Miniature kit encoder is programmable
MACK: innovative new drive system cuts costs
New low-cost drive system shows at Drives & Controls
Super Metering Pumps significantly improve performance
Small servo drive packs a big punch
Universal servo drives for multiple encoder systems, motor types
Servos motors are drop-in replacements for pancake motors
LTi CDF3000 compact, low-cost, digital servo drive
Compact, IP68, GEL 2477 speed sensor with integral amplifier
LAM micro-stepping drives and motors from Motor Technology

Technical articles

Is your servo motor up to the job?
Keep your old servos
How to set the smallest speed increment on a servo motor
Cable colour coding - understanding the DESINA standard
What are IEC 60034-1 electric motor duty cycles?
How to get better service and support for servo systems

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