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News articles

Challenge Europe rework and retro-fit service
Challenge Europe updates fastenings and fixings brochure

Product articles

Self-drilling/self-tapping screws available from stock in the UK
Custom nuts in wide choice of ferrous and non-ferrous materials
Custom special threaded fasteners in small quantities
Threaded and helical inserts available ex-stock from UK supplier
Ways to enhance the performance of threaded fasteners
Threaded fasteners in thin-walled sections
A4/ASTM 316 stainless steel fasteners for corrosive environments
Challenge Europe stocking Action Can industrial consumables
Specialist nuts available ex-stock from Challenge Europe
Special and custom fastener parts from Challenge Europe
Threaded fasteners need ancillaries: now at Challenge Europe
Miscellaneous consumables match fastenings and fixings
New Hafren security fasteners from Challenge Europe Ltd
Self-drilling screws from Challenge Europe Ltd
Challenge Europe announce ex-stock and custom sealing washers
Threaded fasteners for manufacturing – standards and specials

Technical articles

Can your CAD system select the right threaded fasteners?
Selecting the optimum material and finish for threaded fasteners
What is the future of ex-stock and custom machine screws?
What is the future for Imperial and metric screws?
Guide to choosing the right screw drive
Fastener security – requirements and options
Screws from Challenge Europe with confidence and support
Production-oriented fasteners from Challenge Europe
What screw head type should I use?
Many threads on industrial screws and fasteners at Challenge
Industrial screws: many sizes, many threads
Material choices for threaded fastener systems

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