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Abssac supplies rotary and linear power transmission products. With over 20 years of experience, Abssac is an independent trading organisation with a growing and loyal customer base built on product expertise and a high level of customer service. A key advantage is Abssac's professional and honest approach to business. A dedicated and knowledgeable sales team offers a product portfolio that incorporates all types of flexible shaft couplings such as helical beam, cross-slot, metal bellows, elastomeric, metal disc, gear and solid designs. An extensive range of precision linear products includes lead and ball screws in rolled, whirled, machined and ground formats, complemented by a large range of antibacklash nut designs. Abssac's specialist product ranges include machined springs, precision linear guides, electric actuators and precision electro-deposited forms. In many cases, Abssac's ability to quickly adapt a standard program part into a key component has enhanced product designs around the world.

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Metal bellows - an enabling technology for many applications

Everything you need to know about lead screws

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How shaft-hub connections have evolved

Abssac virtual and interactive exhibition is open all hours

Standard and custom miniature precision lead screws

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High-precision satellite roller screws from a UK source

Compact torque limiters protect critical equipment

Ball screws and lead screws from stock or fully customised

Reliable emergency braking and holding during power outages

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Miniature safety brakes are super-slim and energy-efficient

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Expertise in rotary products

Abssac to distribute Helix Linear Technologies' products in UK

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How to select the right shaft coupling for a rotary encoder

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Abssac's miniature ball screws at the Engineering Design Show

How machined springs out-perform wire-wound springs

Spinplus shaft coupling suits highly dynamic applications

Carbon Composite Bellows Springs provide compressive tunability

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Extension and compression springs machined from solid material

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Schmidt-Kupplung shaft couplings handle severe parallel offsets

Machined springs meet the needs of downhole measurement system

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Shaft-hub connection saves set-up time on food conveyor

Satellite roller screw from Abssac

Stainless steel Schmidt-Kupplung shaft couplings

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Precision miniature cold rolled lead screws and nuts

Machined compression and extension spring replaces wire spring

Custom-designed flexible beam coupling for encoder application

Semiflex precision offset couplings used in glass coating system

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Miniature lead screws are cost-effective and high-performance

Self-reversing machined screws manufactured to order

Precision ball screws used in electronic microscope

ETP-POWER shaft-hub connection achieves higher clamping loads

Edge-welded bellows used in NASA's cryogenic chambers

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Constant-velocity shaft couplings for encoder applications

Easy-to-use ETP hydraulic hub-shaft connections from Abssac

High-accuracy springs for high temperatures

Shaft couplings match the needs of printing machinery

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Shaft coupling used for aerator device in oxygenation of water

Ball screws, trapezoidal screws and satellite roller screws

Semiflex shaft couplings suit large parallel shaft offsets

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Jaw shaft couplings stocked with pre-machined bores and keyways

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Schmidt-Kupplung shaft couplings available from Abssac

Custom split nut reduces machine cycle time

Lead screw and nut assemblies for high-vacuum applications

Miniature lead screw provides precision and reliability

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Shaft couplings supplier offers extensive range plus expertise

Ball screw supplier offers wide choice and competitive prices

Plastic ball screw and nut assembly in a choice of polymers

Pitch preparation advice and tips from Abssac

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Motion products backed up by expert technical support

Helical Flexures compensate for high angular misalignment

Pancake-shaped compression springs machined from solid

Abssac contact details change with move to new premises

Machined torsion springs offer advantages over wire types

Sure-Flex elastomeric shaft couplings are maintenance-free

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Miniature ball screws: precision standard or custom units

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Ball screws and nuts for machine tool refurbishment

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Satellite roller screws and their inherent advantages

Shaft couplings used in one-piece, multi-functional components

Ball screws offer advantages of rolled and ground types

Trapezoidal lead screws from stock, with free cutting service

The benefits of helical beam shaft couplings

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Choosing lead screws, ball screws and satellite roller screws

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Helical flexure used in self-aligning, long-life die cutter

Atherm bellows compensate for temperature changes

Budgetbeam shaft coupling offers high torsional stiffness

Abssac website includes new products and animations

Acme and trapezoidal lead screws from a UK supplier

Bespoke lead screws and nuts manufactured to order

Cut the cost of precision ball screws

Budgetbeam flexible shaft couplings available to buy online

How flexible is your supplier of shaft couplings?

What are the advantages of machined springs?

Ultra-fine-pitch lead screws for precise movements

Deck gear couplings and Sier Bath Deck gear couplings

Roller screws deliver four-times higher thrust

UK source for TB Wood's power transmission products

More sizes of lead screw, acme thread and ball screw

Self-reversing lead screws manufactured in short lead times

Helical beam drive combines three parts in one

Miniature ball screws are diameter 1.8mm

Free shaft couplings for test purposes

Customised lead screws are economical for linear motion

Electroformed spring contacts provide reliable connections

Stainless steel ball screws are precise and cost-effective

Abssac wins Pharmatex innovation award

Double-handed lead screws need no lubrication

Edge-welded bellows deliver flexibility in a compact package

Couplings help cut energy consumption - and carbon footprint

Splined shafts available in very large sizes

Bi-directional ball screws move nuts in opposite directions

Leadscrews offered with custom nuts for standard prices

Advantages of electrodeposited nickel bellows and electroforms

Satellite roller screws offer benefits over ball screws