High-resolution measurements of meteorological data

ETL is launching new meteorological measurement systems that provide high-accuracy data for barometric pressure, temperature and relative humidity.

Two models are available, designated the MET4 and the MET4A, both of which have a pressure resolution of better than 1 microbar with a total accuracy of better than +/-0.08hPh over the extended barometric range of 500-1100hPa. Temperature resolution is better than 0.01degC.

These fully integrated systems are housed in environmental enclosures for standalone, indoor or outdoor mounting. Installation hardware and software are included and optional cabling is available. The MET4 has a solar radiation shield to protect the temperature and humidity sensors from precipitation and solar radiation. Both the MET4 and the fan-aspirated MET4A utilise a high-performance pressure port to reduce dynamic pressure errors caused by wind.

Microprocessor-based electronics provide fully temperature-compensated and linearised outputs via a bidirectional RS-232/485 interface. This allows remote configuration and control of all operating parameters, including resolution, sample rates, choice of engineering units, integration time and sampling commands.

Optional configurations include special barometric functions and an internal data logger. The barometric functions include field pressure, station pressure, altimeter setting, sea level pressure, density altitude, pressure altitude, Q codes QNH and QFE, and WMO pressure tendency codes. The internal data logger can store over 200,000 high-resolution data points.

These innovative systems are suitable for GPS meteorology (precipitable water vapour), crustal observation, tectonic research, weather, and climate research studies. Other applications include surface and maritime weather observation and ground-based altimeter setting indicators. They also have applications in aerospace, oceanography, process control and in laboratories.


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