Modular safety controller does not require programming

Mechan Controls is launching the EM-Series safety relays as the latest addition to its range of machinery safety devices. Based on Mechan's safety system technology, the EM-Series expandable safety relay enables machine builders and system integrators to benefit from over 40 years of proven reliability in all types of industrial applications. With the emphasis on enhancing production, the EM-Series safety relays have a variety of features to improve safety and reduce machine downtime.

The EM-Series is fully modular and does not require programming to help eliminate downtime in case of any unexpected breakdowns. The master control unit (EM1) is a DIN rail-mounting module that features:

  • Dual-channel output (13/14, 23/24)
  • LED and volt-free contacts for individual indication
  • Automatic/manual reset (X1/X2/X3)
  • Dual safety channel monitoring
  • Power/fault/run indication
  • Expandable up to 30 emergency stop switches / non-contact switches / mechanical switches
  • TUV approval to CAT4, SIL3, PLe

By means of the ESM expansion module, the EM1 master control unit can operate and monitor up to 30 emergency stop buttons and/or any mechanical device (locking or non-locking). The ESM connects via a six-way strap and draws power from the EM1.

This system has been designed to eliminate fault masking. Wiring each device to a single EM1/ESM will allow for easy identification of faults to maximise production uptime and increase productivity.

'Industry standard' safety relay

For engineers seeking a more traditional product, the SRL1 safety relay has been designed to industry standard specifications to make for easy installation. Featuring dual-channel low-voltage outputs, the SRL1 also has two normally-open control contacts and one normally-closed indication contact. The LED indication increases fault finding capabilities and the 22.5mm DIN rail-mounting design requires minimum control panel space. An automatic/manual monitored selectable switch has been concealed under the lid for easy configuration.

The SRL1 is suitable for use with dual-channel emergency stop buttons or safety devices with two safety outputs, either locking or non-locking types.

Follow the links for more information about the new EM-Series expandable safety relay and SRL1 safety relays.

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