Multi-range pressure standard offers high accuracy

ETL Group is launching an innovative multi-range pressure standard for a wide variety of high-accuracy pressure measurements for calibration, testing and transfer standard applications. Designated the 785, it incorporates one or two Digiquartz absolute or gauge pressure transducers, which are used exclusively as reference standards.

Multi-ranging allows each Digiquartz transducer to replace three separate transducers. The two-transducer model has six ranges, with pushbutton selection between measurement modes, local configuration and customer set-ups.

An easy-to-read display shows functions such as rate of change, pressure, maximum/minimum pressure, average pressure deviations, and operator-triggered instantaneously readings.

There is a choice of 25 different transducers with up to 75 active multi-ranges available. The range covers vacuum to 40,000psi (275MPa) with a resolution to 1ppm (user-settable) and the units are fully temperature-compensated from -20 to +100degC.

Communication with a host computer is via RS-232 or IEEE-488. All transducers are protected by a self-defence system to prevent over-pressure damage as high as 1500psi, and they may be dynamically compensated for atmospheric pressure changes during measurements.

This compact, easily transported unit can be used both on- and off-site and has applications in the metrology, aerospace, hydrology, meteorology, oceanography, nuclear, laboratory and manufacturing industries.


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