New catalogue covers heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders

05 March 2007

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New catalogue covers heavy-duty hydraulic cylindersParker Hannifin is publishing a new catalogue detailing the features and specifications of its 2H Series hydraulic cylinders. The heavy-duty cylinders incorporate a number of features, such as tie-rod construction, enabling them to offer exceptionally long and efficient service life under high working pressures.

Parker hydraulic cylinders are a compact and cost-effective method of moving, positioning or clamping tools or workpieces in a variety of industrial applications, ranging from automation and machine tool systems, to presses, injection moulding and die casting machines.

The heavy-duty 2H Series incorporates a number of innovative features to improve overall performance and reliability, while extending operating life. The cylinders' piston rods are manufactured from precision ground, high-tensile carbon alloy steel, hard chrome plated and polished, to eliminate the problems caused by impact damage, scratches and abrasions that would otherwise result in shortened gland seal life. Similarly, the steel cylinder body tube is surface finished to minimise internal friction and wear, thereby prolonging the life of piston seals.

Improved sealing

In addition, the cylinders feature pressure-energised body seals to ensure that leakage is prevented, even under pressure shock conditions. As well as lipseals manufactured from an enhanced polyurethane, with a life of up to five times that of traditional materials, the piston rods also feature a double lip wiper seal that prevents the ingress of dirt into the cylinder and, as a result, extends the life of gland and seals.

2H tie-rod cylinders are available in a range of bore sizes and stroke lengths, and are able to withstand working pressures of up to 210bar. Optional features include end-of-stroke cushioning for controlled piston deceleration, bespoke rod and port sizes, stroke limiters for applications where absolute precision in stroke length is required, and rod locking devices for fail-safe operation.

The new 2H Series catalogue is now available, detailing these features and listing the properties (including dimensions, mass and nominal force) of the entire product range. Sections are included on cushioning, pressure limitations and ports, and seals and fluids, making the catalogue a useful reference guide, while a How to Order section makes product selection refreshingly simple.

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