New guide: 'How To Handle Your Company Publicity'

15 June 2007

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New guide: 'How To Handle Your Company Publicity''How To Handle Your Company Publicity' is a new 184-page guide by Alan Godfrey of AGM Publicity, packed with PR insights and tips, plus easy-to-follow guidance to help any size company run its DIY publicity operations in-house and save money - while also boosting its profile and sales.

The guide addresses the problems of a lack of knowledge of publicity procedures, restricted staff time and budget, all of which tend to hold back many UK companies.

Sections include press release writing, getting PR published and a media guide, as well as advertising, photography and graphics, newsletters, direct mail, exhibitions and print.

Priced at ₤30.40 (including P&P), the guide is initially available from AGM by telephone on +44(0)1737 222552 or visit

In addition, a 4-page leaflet detailing the guide's contents is available on request to , and a free encapsulated 'Opportunities for Editorial' will also be sent to all enquirers.

Alan Godfrey says: "Just 30 minutes of your time each week in planning your PR and advertising can ensure you promote your products and services properly and help media editors to help you."

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