New CiA 445 CANopen device profile for RFID readers/writers

04 September 2007

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The CAN in Automation (CiA) organisation has released the CiA 445 CANopen device profile for RFID readers/writers. The objective of the profile is to enable easy integration of RFID (radio frequency identification) readers into networks in factory automation, laboratory automation, medical systems, product and asset management, identification systems, etc. The device profile will make CiA 445-compliant RFID readers from different manufacturers interchangeable with a minimum of time and configuration effort.

RFID systems usually consist of three parts: an RFID transponder (data carrier), an RFID reader (wirelessly reads/writes data to the transponder) and an external application (eg a CANopen networked device that controls the RFID system). The read transponder data may be used for control/diagnostic purposes in devices connected to the same network.

The following companies have participated in the development of the profile specification within the CANopen RFID Special Interest Group: DeLaval International, FH Regensburg, Hans Turck, ifm electronic, Ixxat Automation, RM Michaelides, Schneider Electric, Sick, Siemens Medical Solutions, Vector Informatik, and others.

CAN in Automation (CiA) eV is the international users' and manufacturers' group for Controller Area Network (CAN). The nonprofit association was founded in 1992 and is supported by 500 members (as of August 2007). CiA members develop CAN-based higher-layer protocols and device profiles. CiA representatives participate in international standardisation bodies (IEC and ISO).

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