Catalogue aids selection of arc and gas welding consumables

17 April 2009

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Catalogue aids selection of arc and gas welding consumablesTo make the correct selection from the comprehensive range of Murex welding consumables, the company has published its new catalogue. Manual metal arc (MMA) electrodes, solid and cored wires, and gas/Tig welding rods are all featured in the publication that runs to more than 50 pages. The brochure also provides essential information on using consumables, effective storage and handling, health and safety, chemical compositions and a guide to calculating the consumption of consumables.

Murex Welding Products offers a portfolio of products including a range of welding consumables. The applications and description of each product is detailed in the new catalogue, enabling engineers to select the correct product for any gas or arc welding application.

Copies of the catalogue can be obtained from Murex Welding Products by calling +44 (0)800 3893152 or emailing .

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