Lower prices for Abbot pie jaws and tooling columns

08 February 2008

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1st Machine Tool Accessories is announcing a 20 per cent discount on all Abbott pie jaws and aluminium tooling columns until the end of March 2008 as part of its spring productivity promotion.

Manufactured for all major chuck types including Kitagawa, SMW, Strong, Schunk, Forkardt, Gamet and Howa, Abbott pie jaws provide a full 360degrees of workpiece contact instead of the limited three-point contact of standard chuck jaws, thus ensuring secure workpiece retention without distortion. They are particularly suitable for machining thin-walled or oddly shaped components and, thanks to their precision manufacture, enable close machining tolerances to be consistently maintained.

Manufactured from aerospace grade aluminium alloy, Abbott pie jaws combine high strength with low weight, enabling chuck speeds to be maximised for increased manufacturing throughput and reduced wear on lathe driveline components. In addition, machine and tool life are significantly extended thanks to a more effective application of coolants.

Also available in steel and a wide range of sizes and styles, the pie jaws are suitable for around 75 per cent of all turning operations.

Tooling columns

Abbott tooling columns, made from high-strength aluminium casting alloy Tenzaloy, provide a practical, inexpensive and lightweight method of holding work accurately in a vertical or horizontal plane for CNC machining operations.

The columns are available in different sizes and styles including two-sided, square, triangular, hexagonal, octagonal, window, V- and X-shaped variants; they can be mounted directly on a machine table/pallet or used in conjunction with a rotary table. Standard columns are available in multiple configurations built to any height, width and thickness required. Base sizes can be customised to fit any machine pallet.

Several of the column variants are also available in cast iron or steel and the whole range offers excellent vibration damping and corrosion resistance.

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