Anstee Ware invests in motor test rigs

07 February 2008

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Anstee Ware invests in motor test rigsAs a major expansion of its permanent magnet motor repair and certification service, Anstee Ware has taken delivery of two Siemens UTE 2000 test rigs for running and testing brushed and brushless servo motors, feedback devices, brakes and motor components against manufacturers’ original specifications.

The £200,000 investment brings dedicated permanent-magnet motor repair facilities to the Company’s Bristol headquarters and to its Midlands-based regional centre at Castle Donnington - one of five regional 24-hour electrical and mechanical workshops and motor servicing centres within the Anstee Ware Group.

Commissioned directly from Siemens Automation and Drives, the advanced UTE 2000 test rigs provide a principal role for Anstee Ware’s permanent-magnet motor repair and calibration service, which covers all manufacturers' models and sizes, and includes the complete overhaul of standalone motors, motor gearboxes and motorised pumps. The equipment may also be used to independently validate motor manufacturers' specifications.

The new UTE 2000 test rigs comprise a rack-mounted motor test cabinet with a 611 drive infeed unit supplying the DC link for five inverter modules, each fitted with individual control cards. The rigs also include a digital oscilloscope and Siemens PC with analysis software. A notebook PC may also be used with the equipment. Integrated motor component testing instrumentation includes brake and feedback power supplies with provision for interconnection via convenient cable and connector assemblies. A separate test truck for mounting the motor under test includes a three-phase induction motor with frequency inverter drive to perform generator operation tests.

Suitable for brushed and brushless permanent-magnet motors in power ratings to 100kW, the laboratory-style rigs may be adapted for larger motors as required. The portable rigs are also available for use directly at the customer's site.

Motor tests

Comprehensive motor testing includes high-voltage and insulation resistance tests for winding, temperature sensor, brake and fan; motor winding resistance across all phases; motor temperature sensor testing; brake holding torque and brake winding resistance.

The versatile motor test rigs are for use with resolver and tacho-based feedback systems, as well as absolute and incremental encoder technologies. Detailed motor feedback analysis includes signal level verification, phase and reference alignment dynamically driven on a closed loop control system.

Anstee Ware’s permanent-magnet repair and calibration service utilises its own state-of-the-art magnetics laboratories with diagnostics analysis and customised magnetising fixtures for magnetic fields up to 10 Tesla. The complete service includes test reports, pinpoint diagnostics and re-engineering solutions and is backed up by an extensive spares inventory. A 24-hour turnaround is available for the most urgent repairs.

Motor rewind and repair services

Anstee Ware provides specialist motor rewind and repair services for all types of AC and DC motors, generators and alternators with facilities that extend to equipment repair to 40 tons, 13.8kV running tests, dynamic balancing, in-house full-flow pump testing, full gearbox repairs, heavy lift capacity cranes to 40 tons and pyrolysis ovens to ensure motor efficiency is not compromised during refurbishment.

The Company operates from five regional centres across the UK providing site and total maintenance services, and complete predictive maintenance, asset and facilities management services for many major UK manufacturers and service organisations. Within the £25m Anstee Ware Group specialist aerospace, compressed air and industrial power distribution services are also available.

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