Multibeam couplings now available on shorter lead times

16 December 2008

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By applying value stream mapping, Huco Dynatork has made changes to the way it manufactures its range of Multibeam couplings, thereby increasing capacity, simplifying flow and cutting lead times in the process. It also opens up new opportunities for customers with special design requirements.

To boost productivity and shorten lead times, Huco Dynatork had already been manufacturing its single-, three- and six-beam Multibeams from pilot-bored stock. Although this initiative had shortened the lead time of the most popular sizes and models, it was not a comprehensive fix. Unusually large orders, orders for less popular sizes, and special orders were still subject to lengthy lead times.

Historically, Multibeams have been produced in a series of individual process cells at the Huco Dynatork factory in Hertford. Value stream mapping has now led the company to invest in a single, multi-process cell that manufactures every Multibeam from scratch, rather than from pre-bored stock. So whether it be in stainless steel, aluminium, acetal or PEEK, total production lead time for Huco Dynatork Multibeam is claimed to have been cut by 80 per cent. Typical lead time for batches of 50-100 is now less than five days.

Joint Managing Director David Lockett explains: "We are well on the way to providing a next-day delivery service for every Multibeam we make. This investment also allows us to provide a fast turnaround for non-standard sizes and other specials too, such as shafts with machined helical beams at either end to accommodate misalignment."

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